Which Founding Father Are You?

George Washington

Which Founding Father Are You?

Deals Gap

This weekend, we drove to Deals gap (at the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. That’s one nice road; so many S-curves. It was fun driving there. My only regret was that my car wasn’t really up to it.

Camera Fixed

Well, finally after much shirking of responsibility, Sony came through and fixed the camera. Now, time to take some pictures.

Just a Test of Posting Images

Me on the Appalachian Trail

Just a test of posting pictures.

Camera Service

Best Buy Store and its service are horrible.

I am so Pissed off

I am so pissed off at Best Buy right now. They have wasted 3 weeks on my digital camera and sent it to some no-name repair. Now they say my warranty is void because of tampering. Their proof of tamper: a missing board in the camera. Seems like Sony messed up when they last repaired my camera. Now I have to get my camera back from no-name repair and send it to Sony. I want my camera back before leaving for vacation in France on July 24. I hope that happens.

UPDATE here.


This is my 1st test post.