Where Have I Been?

I have been busy with my daughter. She’s now 23 days old and a much more interesting baby than she was earlier. She smiles, rolls over from her back to her side and recognizes both Amber and me. She’s more attached to Amber than to me, but that’s due to breastfeeding (at least that’s my excuse).

When I am not busy with Michelle, I am writing about her or uploading her pictures at her private weblog, which is powered by WordPress. If you are really interested in reading Michelle’s weblog, ask me by email.

I have upgraded this weblog to Movable Type 3.11. The user interface is much better in the new version. I especially like the ability to list comments and trackbacks. One thing still missing is any mention of which entry a trackback has pinged. The HTML is much better done in the new version both for the MT interface and what is generated for the weblog.

I have updated my templates so that you can use TypeKey to comment. However, I do not require the commenters to have a TypeKey identity.

The updated MT-Blacklist is much improved and quite amazing.

George W. Bush: Words Speak Louder Than Actions

You must watch the Bush video made by the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It’s really good. It is titled “George W. Bush: Words Speak Louder Than Actions.”