Rome: Day 2

Travelogue of our trip to Italy. This covers our second day in Rome when we visited the Vatican and wandered about Rome.

On the second day, we got up a little late due to jetlag and lack of sleep on the plane. After breakfast, we took the bus to Vatican City. When we got to Saint Peter’s Square, we saw a really long line get into Saint Peter’s Basilica.

There were a number of tourist guides there and we decided to become part of one group tour of the Vatican. Usually we don’t like being part of a group tour since we like to do things at our own pace. We do often get the audio guides at museums. However, here we saved some time waiting in line. Also, if we had gone to the Vatican Museums by ourselves, we might have spent the whole day in there while the guide spent almost three hours with us in the museums. Did I mention that our tour guide was American?

First, we walked around Vatican City to go to the Vatican museums. At the end of the museum tour, we went into the Sistine Chapel. There, the security people were trying to get the tourists not to take pictures or talk loudly. Also, one had to have shoulders and knees covered. Since photography was not allowed, I did not take any photos of the Sistine Chapel frescoes by Michelangelo. After that, we went into Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Here are some photographs in Vatican City. More photos are on the map in the end.

Water Fountain
At Vatican Museums
Ceiling Vatican Museums
Painting on ceiling
A room
In Vatican Museums
Above door
Map room
Ceiling art
Ceiling art
Above door
Map of Venice
More art
Outside Sistine Chapel
In the Vatican
St Peters basilica
St Peters
Statue in St Peters
In St Peters
St Peter's Basilica

Then we went back to Rome to see the Pantheon. There was of course some delicious gelato near the Pantheon that we ate.

Our next stop was Piazza Navona, a city square with some beautiful fountains and architecture.

On our way back, Michelle wanted to play with the pigeons around the Basilica of Saint Mary Major. After some running after and watching pigeons, we had dinner at Trattoria Monti which had some great game food for very reasonable prices.

More photographs are on the map below under the fold.

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Terminator Salvation

I didn’t like Terminator: Salvation as it somehow felt different from the other movies.

Having watched all the previous Terminator movies, of course, we had to go watch Terminator: Salvation.

I have to say I was disappointed. It is nothing like the previous movies. Of course, there have been lots of contradictions in the series, but even accounting for that, this is not as much fun with some good action. On the other hand, Amber, who doesn’t remember any of the previous movies of the series and probably hasn’t seen the first two, did like it.

I rate Terminator: Salvation 5/10.

Star Trek

I never liked the time travel stuff in the TV series either. While weak at times, it was a fun movie that I rate 6/10.

We watched new Star Trek movie recently.

I have to admit that while I am a fan of Star Trek, growing up I remember the Next Generation more clearly than I do the original series.

While time travel is a staple of Star trek, it lets them get away with some really bad plot points and this movie is no exception to that. Then there’s also the way they changed Spock and some of the other things from the original Star Trek canon.

Considering some of the weaknesses, the movie was fun. I would rate it 6/10.