Comments and Visitors

Thanks to Ikram Saeed for the 100th comment on this blog. He has been the most prolific commenter here. According to my counters, I have had about 3257-3306 “unique visitors” since around Nov 21 last year. More than a third of these were in a two-day burst due to an InstaPundit link. Usually, I get around 40-50 visitors a day. Around 75% of my visits are referred from another website and another 10% from search engines (mostly Google, followed by Yahoo.)

I would like to get a little more traffic (my target is about 100 visitors a day.) So if you like this weblog, please tell others to take a look at it.

The Reach of the Internet

Even though the large majority of my readers are from North America, I was surprised to find such a large number of countries represented among my readers: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand, South Africa, Belgium, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Costa Rica, Estonia, Singapore, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Ireland, Greece, and Taiwan.

What, no one from Pakistan?

Online Newspapers

Newseum is a very cool site containing the front page of newspapers from around the world in the form they are published on paper. (Found via CalPundit.)

Blogger Problem

I missed one closing quote in the link to Jim at the end of the last post. Now I can’t edit the post, not even in safe mode. Does anyone have any solutions?

UPDATE: Fixed by copying the link for “edit” for another post and replacing the post ID of the last post in there.

Welcome, Insta-readers

Welcome, new readers. Here is the post about my impressions from Pakistan. While you are here, please take a look at my other posts as well and leave comments. I hope you would like to visit this blog regularly. A reason to visit again: I promised a long tiime ago but hopefully this week I will write about the different religious groups in Pakistan, not all of whom are murderous thugs.

Thanks, Jim and Glenn. Wow, so this is what an insta-mention looks like. I have already gotten as many visitors today as I got in the whole of December.

Google Rank

I am the #1 result on Google for zackandamber. For Procrastination, I am #19. For Zack Ajmal, I am #2 as the #1 result is Virginia Postrel’s The Scene who has me on her blogroll. This site is #56 on the Google search for Zack. I definitely need to do better here.

Blog Talk

I have been getting quite a few of my recent hits from search engines. The most common keyword is “Procrastination,” though I have no idea whether these people were searching for my weblog or for info on procrastination. After all, what better way to procrastinate than to search for information on procrastination. The second most common search term has been about the INS special registration. I have blogged about it, but here’s the link to the INS web page on the topic. The strangest search was for “weapons suppliers.” I have no idea how to help him.

Looking at my referrer logs, I have got the most visitors from Virginia Postrel, Aziz Poonawalla, Jim Henley, Bill Allison and Andrew Northrup. Thanks to them and everyone else who reads my weblog or sends/sent visitors my way.

Also, thanks to Andrew Northrup, Max Sawicky, Aziz Poonawalla, Bin Gregory, Al-Muhajabah, Bill Allison, Jonathan Edelstein, Virginia Postrel and Ikram Saeed for putting me on their blogrolls.

And finally I must thank the two regulars in my comment section, Ikram and Jonathan.

UPDATE: Also thanks to Kramerius and No Point of Reference for having this blog on their blogroll.