Atlanta Weather

So it seems we might have freezing rain here. Freezing rain or a trace of snowfall can be a disaster here. Everything closes down. We did get an email yesterday about the procedures for closing the school due to inclement weather. I found it funny. Though I could not survive living in Maine, Vermont or other such cold places, I like snow. Unfortunately, we never get snow here (well, we do sometimes get 0.001 inches.)

My Advisor

I just learned that my advisor is having minor heart surgery tomorrow. Fortunately, the problem was diagnosed at an early stage at a regular medical exam. He’ll be out until January. Hope he gets well soon.

Long Distance Relationships

Don’t do them. Seriously, they are tough. It takes a lot of committment and very good communication to sustain a relationship long distance.

So why am I talking about long distance relationships today? Because I just returned to Atlanta from New Jersey. My wife lives and work there while I am finishing my degree. We have been apart 3 years now. It is difficult. We miss each other a lot. We try to be together as much as we can, but work and finances interfere. So we see each other every other weekend. One thing going for us from the start was the fact that we had been married for a long time before she had to move to Jersey because of her career. I know it would have been disastrous if it had happened early in our relationship.


I am back in Atlanta now. The thanksgiving weekend was great. Yesterday was also our wedding anniversary. Been married for 8 years now. That’s why there was no blogging yesterday.

Happy Thanksgiving

I have a flight to catch to New Jersey in a couple of hours. Blogging will be light over the next few days as I enjoy the holidays with my wife. Regular blogging will resume on monday. Enjoy your turkey.