Treo Photos

A try-out of mo:blog to post photos from my Treo 650.

Let’s see how photo posting works from mo:blog on my Treo 650.

This first photo was taken from the Boston airport.

View from Boston airport

This next one is of midtown Atlanta.

Midtown Atlanta

I already don’t like mo:blog. The 5-way navigator button does’t work. I can’t select where the images will be uploaded, etc etc.

UPDATE: There are more problems than can be counted. Apparently, it uploads only one image per post. Also it did not select a category for the post despite a “default category” option in mo:blog. And it gave an error at the end even though the post was published.

I guess I should try HBlogger.

Treo Blogging

I forgot to mention that the previous entry was written on my new Treo 650. Typing on its small keyboard takes a little getting used to.

I typed the previous post using the standard Movable Type interface in the Blazer web browser. That is not the best idea since the MT interface is not good for the small PDA screen. I also ran into a character limit (2000?) in the text box for entry body in Blazer.

I am exploring other options for blogging on the Treo and would appreciate any suggestions.

Let’s test if I can post a photo I took from my Treo. The “Upload File” thing doesn’t do anything in Blazer and the Javascript buttons on top of the Entry Body textarea don’t appear at all. Does this thing have Javascript?

Postscript: Publishing an entry in Blazer works but the pings are not sent because of the way page refresh is used by MT.

Dell Trouble

In the last couple of months, my Dell Inspiron laptop has had trouble with the processor fan, AC adapter, motherboard and hard disk.

I have had some horrendous luck recently with my Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop which I bought in 2003. I had heard stories of them failing but mine was doing fine until a couple of months ago.

At that time, the computer started switching off whenever I was running Matlab or doing any video encoding. I was able to turn it back on after 10—15 minutes. It was a fan problem and since I had bought 3 years at-home service, the processor fan was replaced within a few days.

Then a couple of weeks ago, the AC adaptor cord started acting up. I had to wiggle it to get it to work. That was replaced last week.

A week ago, the computer started turning off immediately after switching it on. Dell Technical Support found out that one of the memory slots on the motherboard was bad. So the whole motherboard was replaced on Thursday.

Then the mother of all problems happened. Booting up, I got a registry error. Then Chkdsk was run automatically on the next reboot. It found some file system errors but Windows XP refused to start giving an error about missing registry hive. I found how to fix that on the Microsoft website, but then Windows complained about another missing file. I made an Ultimate Boot CD for Windows and was able to check the contents of the hard disk. Some files and folders were corrupt or missing while others seemed ok. A call to Dell Technical Support was useless since he wanted me to install stuff on the hard disk which would have made data recovery impossible. After trying the Ontrack EasyRecovery software and a few other tricks, I decided that professional data recovery was needed. So my hard disk is with data recovery right now and I am having trouble coping without my laptop.

Unlike the complaints I have heard about Dell Support, I had a good experience. I did not have to wait too long on hold and the guys had reasonable accents. However, I am extremely disappointed in Dell quality. In addition to the stuff I mentioned above, the laptop battery lasts only 50 minutes now instead of 2.5 hours, but its warranty was only for a year. It seems that Dell’s Quality people have their work cut out for them.