Macro shot of a flower…



Photologs are weblogs with pictures instead of words. David Gallagher has an article in Slate about them.

I have added some photologs to my blogroll on the left. PhotoBlogs has a good list of photologs. PhotoDude is a fellow Atlantan who has photos as well as commentary on politics and other stuff on his website.

Leonid Meteor Shower

So I got up at 3am on tuesday to go see the Leonid meteor shower. Since I live close to downtown Atlanta, I drove up to the Red Top Mountain State Park to get away from the city lights. Unfortunately, we had 100% cloud cover and so I saw nothing. There was a big crowd there, all of whom went away disappointed. I did have my camera with me and took some nice pictures of Allatoona lake. So here’s one:

Allatoona Lake

Camera Fixed

Well, finally after much shirking of responsibility, Sony came through and fixed the camera. Now, time to take some pictures.

Just a Test of Posting Images

Me on the Appalachian Trail

Just a test of posting pictures.

Camera Service

Best Buy Store and its service are horrible.

I am so Pissed off

I am so pissed off at Best Buy right now. They have wasted 3 weeks on my digital camera and sent it to some no-name repair. Now they say my warranty is void because of tampering. Their proof of tamper: a missing board in the camera. Seems like Sony messed up when they last repaired my camera. Now I have to get my camera back from no-name repair and send it to Sony. I want my camera back before leaving for vacation in France on July 24. I hope that happens.

UPDATE here.