Muslim Population

Tom Friedman in an anti-France op-ed in the New York Times argued to replace France with India in the UN Security Council:

Because India is the world’s biggest democracy, the world’s largest Hindu nation and the world’s second-largest Muslim nation, and, quite frankly, India is just so much more serious than France these days.

Now I know it’s popular to bash France in the US and all, but this is not what this post is about. Like a lot of other people in the media, Friedman is a little behind in terms of population data. India is not the “world’s second-largest Muslim nation” nowadays. It used to be for most part from 1972-early 1990s (I think, but any actual data is welcome). Here is the population data for the countries with large Muslim populations from the CIA World Factbook.

Country Population Percentage of Muslims Muslim Population
Indonesia 231,328,092 88.0% 203,568,721
Pakistan 147,663,429 97.0% 143,233,526
India 1,045,845,226 12.0% 125,501,427
Bangladesh 133,376,684 83.0% 110,702,648
Turkey 67,308,928 99.8% 67,174,310
Egypt 70,712,345 94.0% 66,469,604
Iran 66,622,704 99.0% 65,956,477
Nigeria 129,934,911 50.0% 64,967,456
Ehtiopia 67,673,031 47.5% 32,144,690
Morocco 31,167,783 98.7% 30,762,602

UPDATE: Thanks to CalPundit for the link.