Urdu Blogging Resource

I started blogging in Urdu almost a year ago. I haven’t written much in Urdu, but it has been a good experience. Two of my posts about blogging in Urdu have been among the most popular posts here. The Urdu blogosphere is extremely small right now. There aren’t even a lot of Urdu websites. Also,… Continue reading Urdu Blogging Resource

Brass Crescent Honorable Mention

The results of the Brass Crescent Awards are out. I didn’t win but got honorable mentions in 3 of the 5 categories I was nominated. These categories were: Best writing (I am surprised), best series, and best non-English blog (surprised again as I do not write enough in Urdu.) The winners in these categories were… Continue reading Brass Crescent Honorable Mention

حج اور عید مبارک

تمام حاجیوں کو حج مبارک ہو۔ اور سب قارئین کو عید مبارک۔

Trouble in Baluchistan

There have been problems in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan recently. I haven’t been following the news closely. But Chapati Mystery has a good overview of the history of Baluch grievances as well as info about the current troubles. Definitely worth reading. Avari-Nameh also has a post on the topic. KO also promises to write… Continue reading Trouble in Baluchistan

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Brass Crescent Awards Voting

The nomination stage is over and it’s voting time. And it seems you like me, really like me since I have been nominated in so many categories: Best Writing Best Single Post: Two nominations for Do They Look Like Me? and Slavery, Women and Islam Best Series: My series on marriage includes posts on Cousin… Continue reading Brass Crescent Awards Voting

New Look, XHTML 1.1 and MathML

You might have noticed the new look of this weblog. It all started due to Asif and Jacques Distler. Asif just started using LaTeX formulae on his weblog and Jacques has been doing so for quite a while. Asif is using a WordPress plugin to convert LaTeX equations into images while Jacques converts them (or… Continue reading New Look, XHTML 1.1 and MathML

New Year Resolutions

Pregnancy is, indeed, a great fattener. More so for the guy than the woman, if I may say so. The year 2004 (at least the first half) wasn’t good for me health-wise. I had some minor surgery in March which put me out of the gym for a few weeks. Then I started commuting too… Continue reading New Year Resolutions

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What Muslim Stereotype Are You?

You are a PROGRESSIVE Muslim. You could be from any sect, religious or not, and may have leftist/activist tendencies. Anything goes with you. Everyone else is some sort of fanatic. What Muslim stereotype are you? brought to you by Quizilla Via Sister Soljah, whom we had the pleasure to meet last weekend. The quiz was… Continue reading What Muslim Stereotype Are You?

پاسپورٹ اور مذہب

پاکستان کی مذہبی جماعتیں آجکل اس بات پر جذباتی ہو گئی ہیں کہ پاکستانی پاسپورٹ سے مذہب کا کالم نکالا جا رہا ہے۔

Fafblog is the King!

Fafnir comes up with a list of things he will not do the next time he lives through 2004. Here are a few choice ones: Things I will not do the next time I live through 2004 vote for a constitutional amendment before I know whose rights it strips away forget whether torture is “good”… Continue reading Fafblog is the King!