MLK Historic Site

Recently, my daughter suggested we visit Martin Luther King Jr Historic Site. Here are a few pictures from our visit.


We went to Nathiagali in the mountains (elevation: 7,900ft) to escape the heat in Islamabad. The weather was warm there but much nicer. We rode/hiked to Mushkpuri peak (elevation: 9,200ft) which was a lot of fun and had beautiful scenery. On our way back, we stopped in Bhurban.

Daman e Koh & Pir Sohawa

The almost seven year old wanted to hike up Margalla Hills but it was too hot. We drove up to Daman e Koh and then had dinner at Monal Restaurant in Pir Sohawa. Both places have a nice view of Islamabad.

Skiing in 95F

It wasn’t as hot today as earlier, but skiing and playing in the snow when it’s 95F (35C) outside is still fun.

Abu Dhabi

The Formula Rossa roller coaster was really fast and the Formula 1 simulation was a lot of fun too.

Burj Khalifa

Hblogger with Treo 650

Hblogger does not work. So back to mo:blog which barely works.

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Treo Photos

A try-out of mo:blog to post photos from my Treo 650.

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Treo Blogging

I forgot to mention that the previous entry was written on my new Treo 650. Typing on its small keyboard takes a little getting used to. I typed the previous post using the standard Movable Type interface in the Blazer web browser. That is not the best idea since the MT interface is not good… Continue reading Treo Blogging

Dell Trouble

In the last couple of months, my Dell Inspiron laptop has had trouble with the processor fan, AC adapter, motherboard and hard disk.