The Invention of Lying

The Invention of Lying takes place in a world not unlike our own. Except for one huge difference: People cannot lie. They are blunt and truthful all the time, which is not fun at all. Then one person discovers that he can tell lies. He, of course, proceeds to take advantage of this ability which… Continue reading The Invention of Lying

Ghost Brigades, Last Colony, Zoe’s Tale

I had read Old Man’s War some time ago and liked it. So when I was looking for some science fiction to buy for our trip to Italy, I got the sequels The Ghost Brigades and The Last Colony. As is common with sequels, whether of books or movies, they are not as good as… Continue reading Ghost Brigades, Last Colony, Zoe’s Tale

District 9

We watched District 9 in the theater which was a good idea. For some reason, people either hate this science fiction movie of aliens ghettoized in South Africa or they love it. I liked it. The movie did use a sledgehammer to hammer home its message at times, but it seemed in the spirit of… Continue reading District 9

Google Voice

I had been lusting after a Google Voice account for a while and finally got it a few months ago. To my disappointment, there was no way to port my existing phone number to the service, so I had to get a new number. At first, I was slow to give out my Google Voice… Continue reading Google Voice