Katherine Hepburn and Muslims

You might have heard the news that Katherine Hepburn died yesterday at 96. But do you know what her death has to do with Islam? Via Tacitus.

Israel and Pakistan

The Head Heeb reminds me of the recent signals that Pakistan might establish relations with Israel. Pakistan President General Musharraf hinted about recognizing Israel in an interview to GeoTV. He said in view of the changing international scenario Pakistan has to consider whether its Israel policy needs review or not. He said this issue be… Continue reading Israel and Pakistan


I started this blog a year ago today on Blogger. So technically today is the blog anniversary. However, I didn’t make the blog public or post regularly until November 2002. My first post was just a test. So I am not sure if today should count as the start of my weblog.

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Do not Call, Telemarketers

Yesterday, the Do Not Call Registry was started. More than 735,000 people registered on the first day not to receive any calls from telemarketers. Their website was difficult to access all day because of the high load. Another problem cropped up with Hotmail and Yahoo spam filters. (Via Perverse Access Memory) “Our tests showed that… Continue reading Do not Call, Telemarketers

Why I was fined

You might want to read my previous posts on this topic first. In December 1991 when the incident referred to in my first post happened, IJT had disappeared from campus and MSF ran the place. They intimidated students, faculty and the administration. The college administration was not really interested in controlling the place and the… Continue reading Why I was fined

Student Politics at its worst

I apologize for the delay in explaining what the old letter from my undergrad was about. But I am a graduate student and life was just too busy. I went kayaking over the weekend and then scrambled to do all the work that was postponed because of the trip. This post gives some background information… Continue reading Student Politics at its worst

Lester Maddox 1916-2003

Lester Maddox who became Governor of Georgia on a segregationist platform in 1966 died yesterday. Here is his main claim to fame (or rather infamy): Mr. Maddox first came to national attention in 1964, after he violated the newly signed federal Civil Rights Act by refusing to serve three black Georgia Tech students at his… Continue reading Lester Maddox 1916-2003

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John Edwards

I haven’t been following news about Presidential candidates yet, but this speech by John Edwards is good. Our ancestors came here to escape a world where birth was destiny, and build a nation where all are born with the right to control their own destiny. For more than 200 years, our country has been propelled… Continue reading John Edwards

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Eric Rudolph Visits

Wow, I got a visit from Eric Rudolph himself to say: i didnt do it Am I important or what? And then there’s Bobby who thinks I am a judgmental nutcase who judges terrorists like Rudolph or Bin Laden: Sounds like you have all the problems in the world solved. Can you judge me next?… Continue reading Eric Rudolph Visits

Kayak Touring

I am going to a kayaking trip on Lake Tugalo on the border of Georgia and South Carolina. It is a 2 day trip and I’ll be back on sunday afternoon.

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