Not Shades of Grey

Muslims Under Progress makes an important point. “Islamists”, we’re told, are out to create ‘barbaric’ and ‘undemocratic’ societies, where ‘human rights’ will be something of a heresy. “Modernists”, on the other hand, are the very people that are needed to free Muslim peoples from the tutelage of a “medieval religion”. Does that sound familiar? What,… Continue reading Not Shades of Grey

Site Outage

This weblog, along with other websites hosted by Dreamhost, went down for most of the day today. According to Dreamhost, this was the result of a distributed denial of service attack. Our apologies for the repeated outages today. It turned out our router problems were caused by a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack aimed… Continue reading Site Outage

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Which Revolution Are You?

What revolution are You? Made by altern_active Via Randy McDonald.

Which American City Are You?

Las Vegas You Shine bright and partake in all the vices. You’d rather burn out then fade away. Take the quiz: “Which American City Are You?” Via Randy McDonald.

Assassinations and Arrests

Recently, the former President of Chechnya, Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, was assassinated in Qatar. Two Russian intelligence agents were arrested. Russia protested and promptly detained two Qatari wrestlers on their way to a sports competition. The Gulf state of Qatar says Russia arrested two of its citizens after Qatar charged two Russians over the death of a… Continue reading Assassinations and Arrests

Political Contributions

I knew that one could check who has contributed to political campaigns by name on the Open Secrets website. But now you can enter an address at the Fund Race 2004 website and find out who contributed to whom in that neighborhood. There are other ways to collate the information as well, some of which… Continue reading Political Contributions

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Mexican Immigration Threat

Samuel Huntington has written an article about the threat of Mexican immigration to the US. His article is full of assumptions, half-truths and ignoring data that doesn’t fit his thesis. In some ways, it is worse than his Clash of Civilizations idea some years ago. I can’t be bothered by this so-called “threat.” As someone… Continue reading Mexican Immigration Threat

Newton’s Laws of Graduation

I read and cried. First Law: A grad student in procastination tends to stay in procastination unless an external force is applied to it. Second Law: The age, a, of a doctoral process is directly proportional to the flexibility, f, given by the advisor and inversely proportional to the student’s motivation m. Third Law: For… Continue reading Newton’s Laws of Graduation

A Tasty Dinner

I made this dinner last week which is a combination of a few recipes. I am not sure how to classify this. May be it could be called a Brazilian dish. Couscous is a North African staple which I was introduced to while living in Libya more than 2 decades ago. I bought two packs… Continue reading A Tasty Dinner

Nauroz Mubarak

Happy Persian New Year to Kianoush and my Iranian readers.