Site Outage

This weblog, along with other websites hosted by Dreamhost, went down for most of the day today. According to Dreamhost, this was the result of a distributed denial of service attack.

Our apologies for the repeated outages today. It turned out our router problems were caused by a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack aimed at a site we hosted […] It was a pretty massive attack, more than doubling the amount of inbound traffic we normally receive.

As a result, our routers were overwhelmed. Due to the nature of the attack and the circumstances surrounding it, we were not able to immediately trace down the cause of the problems. We have now blocked the target’s IP address and are keeping a close eye on our inbound traffic so that we can act quickly to prevent this from impacting customers any further.

Sorry for any incovenience.

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By Zack

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  1. Yeah, my site went down too then I noticed that a bunch of DreamHost sites, including yours, were down and I couldn’t even get to the DreamHost homepage.

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