Religion Explained

This is one of the best books I have read. It explains the origins of religious thought based on how our mind works. Highly recommended.

Digital SLRs

Here are links to some reviews of and information about digital SLR cameras, Nikon D40x, D80 and Canon Rebel XTi, as well as lenses for these cameras.


This is a great crime movie, featuring Jack Nicholson and directed by Roman Polanski.

Pakistan Independence Day

Today is Pakistan’s Independence Day. It has been sixty years. Happy Independence Day!

Shab e Miraj

Did the Prophet Muhammad physically ascend to the heavens on this night?

Are You a Feminist?

Another internet quiz. Find out how much of a feminist you are. I wasn’t surprised at my result.

Dell and Blogging

Dell came through, thanks to my blogging, and replaced my laptop with a brand new Inspiron 1501.

Ocean’s Thirteen

This is the third movie in the series. While better than the second, it is predictable and hence not as much fun as the first, Ocean’s Eleven. I rate it 5/10.