Dell and Blogging

At times I think of blogging as a useless activity. Yes, it has helped me meet new and interesting people, some of whom have become good friends. Yes, blogging has made me somewhat famous in that I sometimes run into people, offline or online, who have read my weblog. And of course blogging is a way to keep a diary and express my thoughts on a variety of topics.

Then again, I recall the PhotoDude complaining on his blog about not getting software user manuals and having them delivered the next day. But he is an A-list blogger unlike me!

So I had a rant here about my problems with my Dell laptop. A few days later, I got an email from Dell HQ from a person who had read it. Lo and behold, he offered to replace my computer. That was on July 26.

Meanwhile, my old Inspiron 5150 was repaired at the depot and returned to me. Then I went about copying everything off of it so it could be returned.

On August 6, I got a package from Dell. I opened it and found a brand new Inspiron 1501. I was a little surprised since I had assumed that the replacement would be a refurbished machine. Anyway, the machine looks good. And I must thank the Dell guy who read my blog and took the initiative to get me this computer.

I now have two brand new computers, a desktop that I built and this laptop. Amber is having second thoughts about letting me buy the desktop.

By Zack

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  1. Well you gave up on Dell too quick; they are really not that bad. I am saying this to get a free Dell PC…just kidding.

    Once a client bought a dell server and dell send two the second; the other a cut down version and without windows server software but nevertheless a fully working server. There are other good stories too.

  2. First of all, the software manuals that got delivered the next day … were in French (there was a payoff on the next upgrade, though, when the order form included an option for a manual). Secondly, I might have been nearly an A-list blogger some years ago, but “the list” was much shorter then. I think I am now a G- or H-list blogger.

    But the truth is that you don’t need to be A-list or H-list, you just need to make a post with the proper keywords. Clueful companies (like Adobe/Macromedia, and Dell) now have folks searching blogs for mentions of their company name. They’ve gotten burned enough (in the case of Dell, by Jeff Jarvis) to wise up to the idea they perhaps should act pre-emptively.

    And you got a much better response than a manual in French. Congrats on the new computer(s)!

  3. ME: Dell isn’t bad, but I did have a really bad computer.

    Koonj: Go ahead!!

    Obi Wan: Just what we needed, a Mac advocate!!!

    Dad: Thanks.

    Reid: Yeah, I deliberately left the fact about the manuals being in French out as it was interfering with my argument here.

  4. How Zack Buys a New PC

    I decided to build my own desktop again after my Dell laptop troubles. Finding everything at Fry’s was easy and assembling it was fun.

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