Ocean’s Thirteen

Ocean’s Thirteen is the third movie in the series (not counting the original Ocean’s Eleven with Sinatra) after Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve. We watched and liked Ocean’s Eleven but heard that Ocean’s Twelve was horrendous.

We heard that Ocean’s Thirteen was reasonable and being fans of heist and con men movies, we headed to the theater to watch it. While it wasn’t bad, it was entirely predictable and a bit too easy. Therefore, I rate it 5/10.

By Zack

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  1. I am not a movie goer for the last over three decades. The name Sinatra reminded me of a very good actor of good old days, Frank Sinatra.

  2. Well, you can always wait a decade or two for a dynastic sequal. The back story would be something akin to the following. Ocean and his gal have a son named Sea. During his rebellious teenage years Sea hones his heist and con skills, becoming, at least in his own mind, the equal of his father Ocean. In his early twenties, he forms his own con squad, but he only recruits seven in order to impress dear old dad. The first move would be entitled Sea’s Seven (Snicker, snicker, snicker).

  3. Interesting story Captain, but perhaps you have forgotten that Ocean was his last name, or maybe you are mistaking with somebody else?

  4. Oceans Twelve was not horrendous….in fact…its good on the whole. Or maybe i was EXPECTING it to be horrendous so i found it okay…but i haven’t seen thirteen yet.

    Isn’t thirteen along the same lines as eleven? Boring.

  5. Dad: Frank Sinatra made the original Ocean’s Eleven in 1960.

    Captain Arrrgh: Funny, but Kianoush has a valid objection.

    Specs: Welcome to the blog.

    I didn’t watch Twelve because of the bad reviews, so can’t say for sure.

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