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Immigration Tales

I have ranted about USCIS on this weblog a number of times. Today, we bring you stories of the stupidity of immigration authorities around the world. Let’s start with the United States. Via Head Heeb comes the story of poor Jimmy Mote, a native of the Marshall Islands. Under the Compact of Free Association between… Continue reading Immigration Tales

Michelle’s Birth Story

The due date for our baby was August 18. After the 36th week of pregnancy, we had doctor’s appointments every week. On August 11, we had an appointment with Dr. Cernadas at 3:15pm. She did a vaginal exam and told us that the cervix was still completely closed. The fetal heart rate seemed normal. However,… Continue reading Michelle’s Birth Story

Pakistani Women Olympic Athletes

I have recently been focussed more on negative aspects of Pakistan recently on this blog. A long time ago, I had plans of “good news” posts about Pakistan, but that never materialized. Now, there is a weblog, Pak Positive, blogging news items of general interest about Pakistan. As the blogger mentions: One fine evening, after… Continue reading Pakistani Women Olympic Athletes

Labor and Delivery: A Technical Note

During labor, an external fetal monitor is used to record the baby’s heart rate and the uterine contractions. The sensors are placed on the mother’s belly. Later, during the pushing phase of labor, a sensor is connected to the baby’s head to record her heart rate more accurately, thus becoming an internal fetal monitor. Older… Continue reading Labor and Delivery: A Technical Note

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3000th Comment

Congratulations to my sister and Michelle’s one and only aunt, Munira, for posting the 3000th comment on this weblog.

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Happy Independence Day

To all Pakistanis. And to Indians tomorrow. I don’t have the time to write something for the occasion, but Chapati Mystery has a few posts discussing some personalities: Altaf Hussain Hali Muhammad Ali Johar Muhammad Iqbal Chapati Mystery also has a wish list for Pakistan and India on the occasion of their independence.

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Back From the Hospital

We are back home now. Amber and Michelle were discharged today. Both are doing as well as can be expected. Michelle is sleeping in her bassinet beside me right now. Pictures will be coming soon. And the birth story will follow.

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The Proudest Day

Michelle Zakaria was born at 6:57pm (that was the correct time, though the St Peters clock said 7:01pm and that’s what they recorded) on August 12 at Saint Peters University Hospital, New Brunswick, NJ. She weighs 6 pounds 9 ounces (3 kg) and is 20.5 inches (52 cm) long. She is healthy and the most… Continue reading The Proudest Day

It’s Time

Well, not exactly. But we had a doctor’s appointment today and the amniotic fluid seems to be a bit low while the baby seems to be doing fine right now. So our doctor has asked us to go to the hospital right now for labor induction. I am taking the laptop with me. I don’t,… Continue reading It’s Time

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