2nd Blogiversary

I started this weblog 2 years ago with a test post on Blogger. However, I didn’t update regularly until November 2002 starting with a photograph of Allatoona Lake. Things have changed quite a lot in the last two years. From an average of 20-30 visits per day, hits have increased to about 450 visits. I… Continue reading 2nd Blogiversary

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Shahada and Jazakallah Khair

If this post was written by Brad Delong, it would be titled “Why Oh Why Can’t We Have a Better Press Corps?” or “Zack Bangs His Head against the Wall.” The basic story goes like this: Some Muslims students planned to wear green stoles at graduation at University of California, Irvine. The Arabic writing on… Continue reading Shahada and Jazakallah Khair

New PM but Same Ruler

Pakistan is having a change of Prime Minister, though it will still be ruled by Jamali’s boss, President-General Pervez Musharraf. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Zafarullah Khan Jamali has resigned following a meeting with the country’s President, Pervez Musharraf. Mr Jamali confirmed his resignation and nominated ruling party president Chaudry Shujat Hussain as successor. […]The news followed… Continue reading New PM but Same Ruler

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What’s in a Name III

This is the last post in my series of thinking aloud about our baby’s name. We were thinking about our daughter’s last name when I found an article about the issue of women taking their husbands’ last names. A debate then started in the blogworld about this issue. For example, see Crescat Sententia. Matthew Yglesias… Continue reading What’s in a Name III

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Garden of the Gods

I was curious why this park in Colorado Springs, CO was named Garden of the Gods. It was August of 1859 when two surveyors started out from Denver City to begin a townsite, soon to be called Colorado City. While exploring nearby locations, they came upon a beautiful area of sandstone formations. M. S. Beach,… Continue reading Garden of the Gods

The Da Vinci Code

I liked The Da Vinci Code quite a bit. I found it a good and gripping read in general, though at times it did stray too far in explaining some odd interpretation of history. Some people have been somewhat incensed by the basic plot of the novel. One reason for that might be Dan Brown’s… Continue reading The Da Vinci Code

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The Rain Curse

Based on my stay here in Denver, this place is the wettest city in the US this side of Seattle. It’s been raining almost continuously since before my plane landed on Wednesday afternoon. Not only has it rained, it has also snowed in the mountains. The Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park was… Continue reading The Rain Curse

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Bilingual Health

Who knew speaking both Urdu and English could improve my mental health! Being fluent in two languages could protect against age-related cognitive decline, says a study in the June issue of Psychology and Aging. Researchers from York University in Toronto compared the results of 154 bilingual and monolingual middle-aged and older adults on the Simon… Continue reading Bilingual Health

What Kind of Thinker Are You?

No surprise there. You are a Logical-Mathematical Thinker Logical-Mathematical thinkers: Like to understand patterns and relationships between objects or actions Try to understand the world in terms of causes and effects Are good at thinking critically, and solving problems creatively Other Logical-Mathematical Thinkers include Isaac Newton, Archimedes, Albert Einstein Careers which suit Logical-Mathematical thinkers include… Continue reading What Kind of Thinker Are You?

Paging Denver Readers

I’ll be in the Denver, CO area on June 17-18. If any readers want to meet me, please drop me an email (my email address is on the right sidebar) or leave a comment. Also, I need suggestions on things to do in the area. I am thinking of going to Rocky Mountain National Park… Continue reading Paging Denver Readers

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