Hiatus or Not

I haven’t been feeling much like posting anything recently. There are a number of things I want to write about, but just haven’t had the energy to blog. Plus work and errands have kept me busy. I am also moving this weekend to a new apartment. So you’ll have to wait another few days. I… Continue reading Hiatus or Not

The End of the Ottoman Empire

Bill Allison at Ideofact is discussing the idea that we are still finding the Great War (1914-18). He discusses the effect of the end of the Ottoman rule on radical Islamists. It is a typically great series of posts (see this post for the series). In his latest post on the subject, Bill refers to… Continue reading The End of the Ottoman Empire


I am busy grading the final projects. It takes two full days, so I should be finished tonight. BTW, this is my first post from my laptop with a 802.11 wireless connection.

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Which Country of the World are You?

Switzerland – A neutral power for as long as most can remember, it has avoided war for several centuries. However, it is still considered highly advanced and a global power. Positives: Judicial. Neutrality. World-Renouned. Powerful without Force. Makes Excellent Watches, Etc. Negatives: Target of Ridicule. Constant Struggle to Avoid Conflict. Target of Criminal Bank Accounts.… Continue reading Which Country of the World are You?

Exam Update

I passed. Going out to celebrate with Amber. Regular blogging to resume tomorrow.

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Oral Exam

It’s about time. I have to give a 45 minute talk starting at 12:30pm.

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No Blogging Until April 22

I have my Ph.D. proposal oral examination on April 22. I have to prepare a 45 minute presentation and read up for any questions from the committee or the audience. Therefore, I’ll stay away from reading blogs or posting on my own. Regular blogging will resume on the 22nd. Meanwhile, I am very close to… Continue reading No Blogging Until April 22

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Baghdad: Liberated for the Iraqis, but ?? for Us

ABC News Chin, of the 3rd battalion, 4th Marines regiment, says he was just following orders in the minutes before the statue was pulled to the ground in a joint effort by jubilant Iraqis and U.S. troops. “I was just trying my best to get the chain around his neck and put the flag on… Continue reading Baghdad: Liberated for the Iraqis, but ?? for Us

Book Review: Jihad: The Trail of Political Islam

I finished reading Gilles Kepel’s Jihad: The Trail of Political Islam recently. The author is French with a number of previous works in the area. This book was originally written in French in 2000 and was translated after the September 11 terrorist attacks with small changes incorporating them. The main thesis of Kepel is that… Continue reading Book Review: Jihad: The Trail of Political Islam

Stupid Security Measures

Privacy International has come up with a list of the stupidest security measures all over the world. They have divided them into five categories: Most Inexplicable Security Measures Most Intrusive Security Measures Most Counter Productive Security Most Annoying Security Measures Most Egregious Security Measures Here are a few of the choice measures: Last September 2002,… Continue reading Stupid Security Measures