Mountains in Pakistan

I promised some time ago to write about interesting non-political stuff in Pakistan. This is the first post in that series. I hope that I can continue this series for some time.

We’ll start with the mountains. The northern part of Pakistan is mountainous and there are three main mountain ranges there: Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindu Kush. Pakistan has the world’s second tallest peak K-2 (some pictures here). Pakistan has 6 out of 22 peaks worldwide that are over 8000m. A total of 37 of the top 100 peaks are in Pakistan. In fact, Pakistan has 410 peaks taller than Mt McKinley (6193m).

Here are some more links to photographs:

Next up: I have no idea! If you have any ideas or want to read about something particular, please let me know.

Book Review: Neuromancer

I finished reading Neuromancer by William Gibson this weekend. I am a big fan of science fiction, but don’t particularly like cyberpunk. Hence, this book was a surprise for me. I liked it a lot. It definitely grabs your attention. I read it in two sessions, on the way to Jersey and back. And guess what: William Gibson has a blog.

Next on my SF reading list: Either Gibson’s Pattern Recognition or Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon.


If you are wondering why the posting recently has been sparse. Wonder no more.

Spring semester winds up May 2. My teaching assistantship is more demanding work during the last month of the semester as the project is assigned and then graded in multiple steps. We usually break up the project into multiple steps so that we can provide feedback to the students.

Another reason is my upcoming oral examination for the Ph.D. proposal. Traditionally, the proposal has been done by students later than it should be and I am no exception. I submitted my written report at the end of February and am now waiting for my committee to schedule a date for the oral. In the meantime, I am working on preparing a 45 minute presentation.

Postings on alternate weekends are also light because of my frequent travel to Jersey to be with my wife. This weekend, we went to Akbar Restaurant in Edison, NJ. It is a nice Indian restaurant. The food was pretty good, though spicy (we asked for mild spices, so I can only wonder what the spicy version would taste like). We also saw the movie Phone Booth. It’s a good movie which keeps you on the edge throughout. It’s also pretty short (80 minutes). But I think it wouldn’t have made sense to drag the story out.

A Small Accident

I had a somewhat weird accident in my car a couple of days ago. A pedestrian hit my car. My losses: the driver’s side mirror. His losses: none.

I was turning left on an intersection with a traffic signal at night. When I had almost completed my turn, something crashed into the front pillar of the car on my side. It was a guy who was running and couldn’t stop in time. It was dark there and I hadn’t seen him. Plus I was very slow. Fortunately, he was OK.


Andrew Northrup for President in 2004.

Haloscan and Donations

Haloscan is down again:

I’m working on the server scripts so for around 1 hour comments will be unavailable.

That was definitely more than an hour ago. I don’t understand why they go down for maintainence so often.

I’ll probably regret this later, but because of these frequent outages of the comments, I was thinking of getting some webspace and using Movable Type. Being a poor student and all, I went ahead and put both Paypal and Amazon donation buttons on the left. Feel free to donate. Or not. Thanks.