A Small Accident

I had a somewhat weird accident in my car a couple of days ago. A pedestrian hit my car. My losses: the driver’s side mirror. His losses: none.

I was turning left on an intersection with a traffic signal at night. When I had almost completed my turn, something crashed into the front pillar of the car on my side. It was a guy who was running and couldn’t stop in time. It was dark there and I hadn’t seen him. Plus I was very slow. Fortunately, he was OK.

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By Zack

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  1. Yeah. I think it was his right-of-way. At least it would have been if he was walking, but he wasn’t on the road when I started turning and was out of my field of view until too late. It would have been really bad if he had been hurt.

    I do have to find a cheap way to replace my mirror though. The dealer quote is $500 for parts & labor. No way I am paying that much!

  2. Wow, $500 is a lot. It seems like they always try to charge you an arm and a leg like that.

    As a pedestrian, one is almost never going to come out the winner of a collision with a car unless the car is going very very slowly. My fear as a pedestrian is getting caught in front of one of those huge SUVs or jacked-up pickup trucks because I’m only five feet tall and I swear some of those vehicles are so large, the top of my head is barely visible over the hood of the vehicle.

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