The Other Side of Silence

Thanks to Conrad Barwa who recommended this book to me. This is a good book which collects some stories of the riots and migrations that accompanied independence and partition of India in 1947. The book focuses on the Punjab, rightly so in my opinion since the Punjab is where most of the “action” happened. Partition… Continue reading The Other Side of Silence

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Six Figures

Some time around 1:45pm today, this weblog received its 100,000th visitor since I moved to my own domain and Movable Type last May. It took 11 months to achieve what Instapundit and Daily Kos manage in a day. I am, however, grateful to all my visitors and hope that you’ll keep reading this weblog and… Continue reading Six Figures

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New York Auto Show

Amber and I went to the New York Auto Show last weekend. It was extremely crowded there and hence I did not get much opportunity for good photos. Anyway, here are a few, including my dream car Porsche Carerra GT.


I have read a number of books in the past month or so and owe you guys about five reviews. Hopefully, I’ll get to them in the next couple of weeks. Asad has informed me that he has created a phonetic Urdu keyboard layout for Unipad. He also pointed me to the Yahoo! mailing list… Continue reading Miscellaneous

Jesus, Carrey, Von Trier and Jagjit

What better day to watch a Mel Gibson movie than Good Friday. So off I went with Captain Arrrgh, who will probably blog in more detail about it, to watch The Passion of the Christ since Amber doesn’t like movies with such blood, gore and torture. It is a powerful movie and works pretty well… Continue reading Jesus, Carrey, Von Trier and Jagjit

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My Browsing Sideblog

While I haven’t been blogging daily, I do put up interesting links that I find on the sidebar on the right under the title “Browsing.” It’s just below my book list. You can also get the complete list of all the stuff I have put up there. Usually, I put links to articles, photographs and… Continue reading My Browsing Sideblog

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Democracy, Military and Pakistan

While listening to President Bush, I was getting frustrated. So what do I do? I start reading the BBC News and Dawn websites and find even more frustrating news. Forget President Bush, let’s hear from President-General Musharraf. Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf has said he has still not decided whether to step down as chief of… Continue reading Democracy, Military and Pakistan

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Israeli Fence

Let me just say that I agree wholeheartedly with Jonathan about the fence Israel is constructing. I think the fence can have a positive effect in cooling down Israel-Palestinian relations and thus get them to the negotiating table. Forward talks about the effects of the fence on Jenin. Life is returning to normal here in… Continue reading Israeli Fence

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to my Christian readers.

Secularism, Islamism

It seems I wasn’t exactly clear in my post where I argued that there is lots of diversity among “Islamists.” Ideofact writes about some statements and ideas of al-Ghannouchi which do seem quite bad to me. My point in my previous post was not to defend al-Ghannouchi or Fazlur Rahman or anyone for that matter.… Continue reading Secularism, Islamism