No More Editing Embargo

It seems that the embargo on editing scientific and technical papers from countries on which the US has imposed economic sanctions (Iran, Cuba, Libya and Sudan) has been lifted. According to IEEE, they can now publish papers from the embargoed countries. IEEE scored a victory for freedom of the press and the scholarly publishing community… Continue reading No More Editing Embargo

What’s in a Name I

One of the interesting pastimes during pregnancy is choosing a name for the baby. Since we can’t be sure about the gender of the baby, we have to consider both boy and girl names. The question then comes down to what sort of names to choose. Most people choose names either from their own culture… Continue reading What’s in a Name I

Two Questions

I have two questions, one tongue in cheek and the other a serious question. I might actually regret putting the two together in one post, but here it goes. First Question Most (all?) US currency has “In God We Trust” written on the bill or coin. Let us suppose that proof is found that God… Continue reading Two Questions

Go Yellow Jackets!

This calls for a celebration. Surprising Georgia Tech sure is making a name for itself at this Final Four. Will Bynum shook loose for a layup with 1.5 seconds left and sent the Yellow Jackets further than they’ve ever been in the NCAA tournament, putting them into the championship game with a 67-65 victory over… Continue reading Go Yellow Jackets!

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Week 20: Boy or Girl

Finally, the pregnancy is half over. Amber is starting to get a bit bigger from her 100lb (46 kg) self. She needs new clothes but doesn’t like the maternity clothes available. I’ll leave it to her to write the details of her travails. Now is the time to find out if we are having a… Continue reading Week 20: Boy or Girl

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