iTunes U and Podcasts

Since I got my iPhone, I have started listening to podcasts and courses put online by universities.

Buy a House, Get a Green Card?

Some people are suggesting an immigration program “buy a house, get a green card” but I argue that their numbers are all wrong.

Outsourcing and the Welfare State

On economic issues, I am probably much to the left of the median voter in the US. I am a fan of the social welfare states of Europe. Therefore, I found this paper by Peter Lindert (via A Fistful of Euros) on the effect of a welfare state on GDP interesting. All our well-known demonstrations… Continue reading Outsourcing and the Welfare State

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Productivity: Experts’ View

While talking about the economic output per hour and hours worked in different countries, I had a question about estimating productivity in the IT industry: I also have a question for anyone who knows economics more than I do. Everyone I know in the I.T. and other hitech fields works 50-60 hours a week but… Continue reading Productivity: Experts’ View

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Labor Productivity

The International Labor Organization has issued a report about key indicators of the labor market around the world. I was interested in seeing the productivity numbers as well as hours worked. Here is the data for the top 10 countries with the highest output per hour worked. Country Output per person Hours worked Output per… Continue reading Labor Productivity

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Redux: The Non-Taxpaying Class

I am getting a lot of hits (my definition of “lot” may differ from yours) for searching on this WSJ editorial. I am #11 (yes, that’s near the end) on Google. I thought I should point my readers to my posts as well as others. My original post My post about Neal Boortz beating WSJ… Continue reading Redux: The Non-Taxpaying Class

Tax the Poor

It seems like the Wall Street Journal editorial I mentioned before was inspired from Neal Boortz. Writing on his website on Aug 1, Boortz describes “THE DEMOCRATS’ (SECRET) PLAN FOR AMERICA”: Remove a majority of voters from responsibility for income taxes This is the biggie —- and they’ve made no attempt to hide their goals… Continue reading Tax the Poor

WSJ Editorial: The Non-Taxpaying Class

E.J. Dionne, Tim Noah and Josh Marshall are making fun of the Wall Street Journal editorial last week which basically says: [A]s fewer and fewer people are responsible for paying more and more of all taxes, the constituency for tax cutting, much less for tax reform, is eroding. Workers who pay little or no taxes… Continue reading WSJ Editorial: The Non-Taxpaying Class

Bush Tax Cut

Very interesting table from the Tax Policy Center about how the Bush tax cut of last year would affect the rich and the poor after it is all phased in. Overall, the change in after-tax income will be 1.8%. The richest 1% get 4.5% however. The worst-off: those in the bottom 20% as well as… Continue reading Bush Tax Cut