iTunes U and Podcasts

Since I got my iPhone, I have started listening to podcasts and courses put online by universities.

Specs listed the podcasts she listens to and Razib also mentioned a podcast recently, so I thought I should list the stuff I have been listening to on my iPhone and may be Razib and others can chime in with some suggestions.

Here’s my current list of podcasts:

In addition, here are some courses and lectures on iTunes U and as podcasts that I have been listening to or that are in my listening queue:

What do you recommend?

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2 thoughts on “iTunes U and Podcasts”

  1. Historical Jesus sounds interesting. The rest are really nice specially the historical ones.

    I listen to a LOT of podcasts so an hour-long podcast doesn’t bother me, but I hope its interesting.

    You tried This American Life yet?

  2. Specs: An hour long podcast is likely to have a lot of fluff. I love BBC 4 podcasts because they are so packed with interesting information.

    I haven’t tried This American Life yet.

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