My daughter is in kindergarten right now and she’s learning to read. Her teacher sent us a list of 122 (Dolch) words that she will be learning to read by sight this year.

To help her, I printed flashcards. Then I thought that since she uses my iPhone to play, draw and learn, I should look for a flashcard app at the iTunes store. After trying several apps, I settled on Flashcard Deluxe (developer’s website).

I created a spreadsheet of the word list based on the Flashcard Deluxe format. The front of the flashcard shows the word and the back has the word along with a sound file pronouncing that word. That way, Michelle can play with it herself.

For the word pronunciation, I downloaded the sound files from Wiktionary and converted them to MP3 using WinLAME.

You can access the final result here.

To download it to your iPhone/iPod using the Flashcards Deluxe app, start the app. Press the + button on the Decks screen. Then click on Private Deck and then Deck Code. Type the following in the text box:


Save it and then tap on Download Cards.

You can also download all the files together in a zip archive to your computer.

That was the start of it. Then I decided to make some flashcards for Urdu and Arabic too. You can access all the flashcards I have created below.

Sight Words

Urdu Words


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  1. آصف سابع (نظام حیدرآباد دکن) نے اپنی اولاد کو اردو سکھانے کے لئے جامعہ عثمانیہ کے لسانی ماہرین کے ذریعے ابتدائی درجے کی باقاعدہ اردو درسی کتب شائع کروائی تھیں جو “بولتا قاعدہ اول” اور “بولتا قاعدہ دوم” کے نام سے معروف ہیں۔ ہم نے تو انہی کتب سے اردو بولنا ، لکھنا اور پڑھنا سیکھا۔ آج بھی حیدرآباد (دکن) کے کئی مدارس میں یہی قاعدہ پڑھایا جاتا ہے۔ میں خود بھی اپنی اولاد کے لئے پچھلے ہی سال یہی دونوں کتب خرید لایا تھا۔ کبھی موقع ملے تو انہیں اسکین کر کے اپنے بلاگ پر لگاؤں گا۔

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