Ghost Brigades, Last Colony, Zoe’s Tale

I had read Old Man’s War some time ago and liked it. So when I was looking for some science fiction to buy for our trip to Italy, I got the sequels The Ghost Brigades and The Last Colony. As is common with sequels, whether of books or movies, they are not as good as… Continue reading Ghost Brigades, Last Colony, Zoe’s Tale

District 9

We watched District 9 in the theater which was a good idea. For some reason, people either hate this science fiction movie of aliens ghettoized in South Africa or they love it. I liked it. The movie did use a sledgehammer to hammer home its message at times, but it seemed in the spirit of… Continue reading District 9

Star Trek

I never liked the time travel stuff in the TV series either. While weak at times, it was a fun movie that I rate 6/10.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

While a bit weak at times, I am still a fan of X-men and liked this movie about the origin of Wolverine.

Sun of Suns

A fun and quick read.


A movie about a future Earth full of garbage and an idiosyncratic robot named Wall-E who falls in love.


A murder mystery set in an alternate history where Britain made peace with Nazi Germany and the US never entered the war, this is a good, fun novel.

Old Man’s War

This first novel by John Scalzi is a gripping story of a 75 year old who joins the colonial army to help humans colonize space.


Aliens is a sequel to Alien. Watching these old movies again is fun. Both Alien and Aliens are great but the later sequels not so much.


Alien is a good science fiction/horror movie from when I was growing up. It was fun to watch it again.