Happy New Year

Happy new year, everyone. Hope next year is better than this one. See you in 2005.

Tsunami Tragedy

The death of more than 50,000 people due to the tsunamis caused by a 9.0 earthquake is beyond words. All I can say is that we should all help as much as we can in the relief efforts. Here are some charities: Islamic Relief Médecins Sans Frontières American Red Cross (select International Response Fund) International… Continue reading Tsunami Tragedy

Award Season

The holiday season has brought the weblog award season upon us as well. First came the 2004 Weblog Awards by Wizbang. I somehow got nominated for the Best Asian Blog contest there and ended up with 0.9% of the vote. The voting for the Asia Blog Awards 2004 is taking place nowadays. This blog was… Continue reading Award Season

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Civil Liberties, Republicans and TV News

There is an interesting public opinion survey out from Cornell. In a study to determine how much the public fears terrorism, almost half of respondents polled nationally said they believe the U.S. government should — in some way — curtail civil liberties for Muslim Americans, according to a new survey released today (Dec. 17) by… Continue reading Civil Liberties, Republicans and TV News

Atlantan Not!

I thought I lived in Atlanta, but it turns out I do not. I was under the impression that this area of DeKalb county was part of the city of Atlanta. But according to this map of Atlanta neighborhoods, I am outside the municipal boundaries of Atlanta. The Census Bureau lists the “Place” we live… Continue reading Atlantan Not!

Ads and Donations

I had three donation links on the sidebar of the main weblog page. Amazon Honor was never used and hence has been removed. The Paypal button fared a little better but with the last donation 8 months ago, I have decided to remove the Paypal button as well. The only donation link now is for… Continue reading Ads and Donations

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Muslim Tolerance and Kafirs

Yasmine of Rambling Monologues has a moving post about the intolerance displayed by some Muslims. You should read her whole post, but here is the conclusion. I write this because I hate the word “kaffir,” and I hate how it comes so easily to some Muslims even as it makes me flinch, and I hate… Continue reading Muslim Tolerance and Kafirs

Muslims, Misogyny and Parenting

It is an unfortunate fact today that the Muslim community, barring some exceptions, is misogynist. There are lots of individual Muslims who are against gender discrimination, but collectively we still have a long way to go. As a man, I am not directly affected by such issues and I haven’t done much to change things… Continue reading Muslims, Misogyny and Parenting