Atlantan Not!

I thought I lived in Atlanta, but it turns out I do not. I was under the impression that this area of DeKalb county was part of the city of Atlanta. But according to this map of Atlanta neighborhoods, I am outside the municipal boundaries of Atlanta. The Census Bureau lists the “Place” we live in as North Druid Hills CDP instead of “Atlanta city.” Our mailing address obviously says Atlanta.

This is no big deal but it is embarrassing. While we moved to this neighborhood last month, I have lived in Atlanta for many years now. In fact, I have lived longer in Atlanta than any other place except my birthplace Wah Cantt.

The question is whether my neighborhood would be classified as suburban.

By Zack

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  1. Bureaucratic decisions are similar all over the world, education or advancement in science make no difference.

    Wah Cantt was in district Attock when you were born but practically every thing made it part of not only Rawalpindi District but Rawalpindi Tehsil. That is why, when Rawalpindi Tehsil was declared as “Islamabad”, Wah Cantt became part of Islamabad. (Later, this decision was changed because it did not suit personal interests of authoritative bureaucrats). However, postal system kept Wah Cantt as part of District Attock till late. Thus, all mail sent to Wah Cantt through Post Office was first sent to Attock city from where it was redirected to Wah Cantt. So, a letter from Rawalpindi / Islamabad used to travel 120 KM (80 KM to Attock passing through Wah Cantt, then back to Wah Cantt traveling 40 KM). Wah Cantt is 40 KM from Rawalpindi / Islamabad.

  2. Leila: I am not complaining. It is a nice area and is in the city even if it is not within municipal boundaries. The name though is misleading. There are no hills here.

    Dad: I don’t think this is as crazy as that Wah thing.

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