Happy New Year

Happy new year, readers. May 2004 be better than 2003 in every way. I haven’t been blogging lately. I have been sick, busy and lazy. Also, I am not exactly in a blogging mood. Expect me back when I return to Atlanta on sunday.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone. Enjoy the holidays.

Regularizing Immigration

Via Mark Kleiman and Perverse Access Memory comes this statement from Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge has called for millions of illegal immigrants in the United States to be given some sort of legal status short of citizenship, a proposal suggesting that the Bush administration might revive an ambitious legalization… Continue reading Regularizing Immigration

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Musharraf The Savior

Conrad Barwa requested me to write about the assassination attempt on Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf. A high intensity bomb wrecked the bridge near 10-Corps Headquarters moments after President Musharraf’s motorcade crossed it on Sunday night [Dec 14] while on its way to Army House from Chaklala airport, security sources said. The device, which had… Continue reading Musharraf The Savior

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It seems like I have got that martian flu that’s doing the rounds right now. The only place I can think of where I could have gotten it from is PhotoDude. But flu viruses can’t travel through cyberspace, can they? I’ll be back when I am better. UPDATE (12/20 7:49pm): I am feeling much better.… Continue reading Sick

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Embargo on Editing

Via Through the Looking Glass, I found out some news about my own backyard (IEEE). I know the news is old (October/November timeframe), but this is my weblog and I never promised timely coverage of news and events. As you might know, the US has sanctions in place against several countries and organizations. Among the… Continue reading Embargo on Editing

The Return of the King

We drove more than 2 hours yesterday in late rush hour New York traffic to New Rochelle to watch The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Seeing the movie on an IMAX was definitely worth it. As Teresa Nielsen Hayden writes, it is one “swell movie.” The battle scenes were better than… Continue reading The Return of the King

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Moth Smoke

Moth Smoke : A Novel is, I think, Mohsin Hamid’s first book. It is a tale of an educated middle-class guy Dara Shikoh1 who goes from a banker to a drug addict and criminal. It is a story about drugs, sex, corruption and betrayal. Mohsin Hamid writes well and could become a great Pakistani author… Continue reading Moth Smoke

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Saddam Captured

It is definitely good news for the Iraqis. Their future is still uncertain, but a brutal thug of a dictator is now completely out of the picture. Like I said before, one of the positive outcomes of this war was the removal of Saddam. I started out as anti-war because that’s my default position. I… Continue reading Saddam Captured

Patisserie Recommendations

It’s snowing here and all I can think of is some nice French pastry. I am looking for some real good patisserie recommendations in New York city. Something to remind us of our trip to France last year. POSTSCRIPT: I am looking for a patisserie, not a French restaurant with good dessert, preferably in Manhattan.… Continue reading Patisserie Recommendations