It seems like I have got that martian flu that’s doing the rounds right now. The only place I can think of where I could have gotten it from is PhotoDude. But flu viruses can’t travel through cyberspace, can they?

I’ll be back when I am better.

UPDATE (12/20 7:49pm): I am feeling much better. Still feeling tired flu-like but no fever since morning. This is the strangest flu I have ever had. Hope it’s gone.

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By Zack

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  1. I figured for sure you were using some form of anti-viral software.

    Sorry the bug found you. I think I had a relatively light case of it (my wife had it worse), and I felt like hell for two days, plus three additional recovery days where I was puny/slow.

    Gatorade, Robotussin, Acetaminophin, and lots of rest are the best things I can recommend. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. Well, it turns out my McAfee had not been updated with the virus signatures. 🙂

    Gatorade and Acetaminophin is what I have relied on as well.

    My flu has been very uncharacteristically mild. I had very high fever yesterday, but my temperature seems to be normal since morning. Not much problems with nose and throat either, though I feel tired.

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