What Type of Social Entity Are You?

Category III – The Regular Jo(e) You are the quintessential standard conjured by the word ‘Friend’. What Type of Social Entity are You? brought to you by Quizilla Via Randy McDonald


Via The Acorn comes this Nawaz Sharif interview about Kargil. Insisting that he was kept in the dark over Pakistan Army’s Kargil aggression, former Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharief has said the then Pakistan Army chief General Pervez Musharraf and two other top military commanders toppled his government in October, 1999 as they feared their… Continue reading Kargil

Selecting a Pediatrician

When you have a baby, you need a pediatrician. That much I knew. But then it was suggested that we needed to find a pediatrician before the baby was born. Why? Because a pediatrician examines the baby in the hospital when she is born and that might as well be her regular pediatrician instead of… Continue reading Selecting a Pediatrician

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The Great Game

Conrad Barwa has an insightful post at the Head Heeb on the structural and strategic elements in Pakistan’s policy towards the tribal areas and Afghanistan. Here is his conclusion: What does seem clear is that the production of any ‘HVTs’ [high-value targets, i.e. terrorist leader] will not be an easy task and will only be… Continue reading The Great Game

Do They Look Like Me?

You might have heard about the terror induced by 14 Syrian musicians on a Northwestern flight. There is no doubt that something out of the ordinary happened on Northwest Airlines Flight 327 from Detroit to Los Angeles on June 29. The plane was met at the airport by squads of federal agents and police responding… Continue reading Do They Look Like Me?

Hamilton or Hijabman?

If you were a woman looking for marriage, based on their list of requirements for a spouse, which guy would you choose: Alexander Hamilton or HijabMan?

Childbirth Class

Saint Peters University Hospital offers childbirth classes in two formats. Either you can take the class one day a week for a month or spend a whole day one weekend learning about childbirth and specifically Lamaze. We decided that spending 7 hours (9am—4pm) was the better option. So, off we went with 2 pillows (for… Continue reading Childbirth Class

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Urdu Font / اردو فونٹ

آصف نے یہ بہت اچھا کام کیا ہے کہ اردو کے فونٹ اکٹھے کر دیئے ہیں۔ اب قارئین کو لمبی ہدایات نہیں دینی پڑیں گی کہ فونٹ کیسے انسٹال کرنا ہے۔

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Travel Tales

I like traveling quite a lot and hence am quite fond of blogs describing or photographing travel around the world. Amanda Butler of Crescat Sententia is blogging about her experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kazakhstan. Her descriptions make me want to plan my Central Asian trip soon. Brian Ulrich talks about the standard… Continue reading Travel Tales

Immunization of Infants

Since we are having a baby next month, we are thinking of immunizations along with other baby-related topics. So I was surprised to find out that some people like us don’t vaccinate their children. Struggling, inner-city parents are more likely to neglect to completely vaccinate their children, while parents who refuse to vaccinate at all… Continue reading Immunization of Infants

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