Happy Thanksgiving

An early happy thanksgiving to all of my readers (well, actually a very late one to Canadians). I am going home today to cook a turkey and may be a pumpkin pie as well. Blogging will be almost nonexistent until I return on Monday.

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“Moderate Muslim”

Indirectly via Unmedia, I found Daniel Pipes’s definition of a “moderate Muslim.” – Violence : Do you condone or condemn the Palestinians, Chechens, and Kashmiris who give up their lives to kill enemy civilians? Will you condemn by name as terrorist groups such organizations as Abu Sayyaf, Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya, Groupe islamique armee, Hamas, Harakat ul-Mujahidin,… Continue reading “Moderate Muslim”

Spy? Adulterer? Both?

I blogged about the arrest of Chaplain Captain James Yee who was charged with disobeying an order for allegedly taking classified material from Guantanamo and improperly transporting it. Now, his case has taken a strange turn. The U.S. military on Tuesday charged a Muslim chaplain accused of taking classified material from the U.S. prison for… Continue reading Spy? Adulterer? Both?

The Two Towers

I watched the extended edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers over the weekend. It’s a great movie and the extended edition really adds to it. A number of scenes and events in the theatrical release are clarified and improved because of the extra 43 minutes. Especially, the director’s thinking behind the… Continue reading The Two Towers

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Happy Eid

Eid Mubarak, everyone.


If you were wondering why I ranted about God or why my family is pressuring me to not spend so much time on the computer, you should really get a life. grin. I guess I am going to tell you in any case. WARNING: Reading medical info can be bad for a layperson. Read at… Continue reading CRVO

Coup? Revolution? What?

I heard there was a revolution here in Georgia, but as far as I can tell Sonny Perdue seems to be the governor still. Then I realized that the revolution happened in Sak’art’velo. For more serious coverage, visit Cinderella Bloggerfeller and Living With Caucasians.

Terror and Liberalism

In Terror and Liberalism, Paul Berman has a few good ideas which either warranted a newspaper/magazine article or a much thicker book. Unfortunately, we got a 210 page book. The premise of the book is reasonable. Berman tries to compare the Islamists with the totalitarian ideologues of the 20th century, i.e, the fascists and the… Continue reading Terror and Liberalism

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What to Do in Iraq?

Talking about the despicable desecration of US soldiers’ corpses in Mosul, the Poor Man captures some of mythoughts on US involvement in Iraq. If this is true, if this is the way things happened, it is going to be very hard to blame this on Ba’athists, foreign fighters, and “dead enders.” If this is true,… Continue reading What to Do in Iraq?

Grading and More

In case you are wondering, I am alive and well. Just busy with work. Today is grading day for part 2 of the project. So a whole day dedicated to the task. In addition to work, I am being pressured by people (i.e., family, who else) not to spend too much non-work time on the… Continue reading Grading and More

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