New Car: Prius

Amber had been driving a Corolla for a while, which was unacceptable. So we decided to get a new car for her. One of the major requirements was that its gas consumption be better than the Corolla (city 26mpg, Hwy 36mpg, combined 30mpg). From the short list fitting that requirement, we decided to check out… Continue reading New Car: Prius

Abu Dhabi

The Formula Rossa roller coaster was really fast and the Formula 1 simulation was a lot of fun too.

North Georgia Snake Run

Over the Christmas break, a friend was visiting and we decided to head to our usual haunts in North Georgia. We hiked part of the Appalachian trail from Woody Gap. In addition, we wanted to do our usual scenic drive through the Blue Ridge there. However, we realized that a good description of what Jim… Continue reading North Georgia Snake Run

North Georgia

North Georgia has some nice scenery and hikes as well as curvy roads (example: Snake Run) for my G35. Here are some photos of De Soto Falls, Brasstown Bald, Dukes Creek Falls, Anna Ruby Falls and Red Top Mountain State Park.

My Ride

I never did tell you which car I bought. So here it is: Infiniti G35 Coupe, 6-speed manual transmission with navigation system.

Infiniti G35 Coupe

We test drove the 6-speed Infiniti G35 Coupe in our search for a car. It is an amazing car with luxury and performance.

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Mazda RX-8

In our search for a new car, we test drove the Mazda RX-8 last weekend. It rides smoothly, but has less power at low rpms.

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G35 or RX-8?

Since our Honda Civic was totalled, we have had only one car. Now we are thinking of buying another. The car has to be a 4-seat sporty car since it must fit our daughter in her car seat…

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New York Auto Show

Amber and I went to the New York Auto Show last weekend. It was extremely crowded there and hence I did not get much opportunity for good photos. Anyway, here are a few, including my dream car Porsche Carerra GT.

Honda Civic R.I.P.

Amber’s car was in the workshop since her accident. Now, we have found out that the frame of the car is damaged and our insurance is declaring the car a total loss. I am surprised since the airbags did not deploy. So I thought she was not going fast. We bought the silver 1999 Honda… Continue reading Honda Civic R.I.P.

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