New York Auto Show

Amber and I went to the New York Auto Show last weekend. It was extremely crowded there and hence I did not get much opportunity for good photos. Anyway, here are a few, including my dream car Porsche Carerra GT.

Porsche Carerra GT Carerra GT only $440K 1500 Carerra GTs to be made
Nissan 350Z Porsche Boxster Mazda RX-8: A Wankel in there and our baby could fit in as well
The new Chevrolet Corvette Honda S2000 Should be nice to drive

By Zack

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  1. Al-Muhajabah: Since houses in Jersey range in price from $300K-500K, it is about equivalent to a house. May be if I could convince my bank to give me a 30 year mortgage on the Carerra GT and forgoe a house, I might be able to afford it. 😉

    Frank: Thanks for visiting. Yours was the first MT 3.0 blog I found.

  2. Porsche Carerra GT is my favourite too , it is not big deal to get it , it is just we neeed that much money and the world is in our arms …!:)lol

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