Firefox Sucks

Mozilla Firefox, while being a better browser than Internet Explorer, has a big problem. It hogs memory. It takes over all available memory and doesn’t return it to the OS until you close Firefox.

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کچھ عشق کیا، کچھ کام کیا

کچھ عرصہ پہلے ہارورڈ کے صدر لیری سمرز نے خواتین کی پروفیسروں میں کمی پر اپنے خیالات کا اظہار کیا۔ جو وجوہات لیری نے بیان کیں ان میں سے ایک ہی تھی کہ یونیورسٹیوں میں لوگوں کو ۸۰ یا زیادہ گھنٹے کام کرنا پڑتا ہے اور خواتین اس پر راضی نہیں ہوتیں۔

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, everyone.

Webhost Recommendations

Urdu and Unicode require better support than Perl 5.6.1 can manage. Since my web host can’t install Perl 5.8.x any time soon, I can either install it in my user account or switch web hosts. Help and suggestions needed.

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Ottawa Travelogue

Continuing on with the Ottawa impressions, it was quite cold there all week. This caused a problem as Michelle refused to wear a coat, hat, or mittens. Because of Michelle, we were only able to go sightseeing on Friday.
We walked around in downtown and toured the Parliament …

More Interviews

Continuing with the interview meme, here are the questions for the two remaining interviewees, Fazia and Renee. That completes my part of the meme since I have now interviewed 5 people.

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Interview Questions

Three people asked to be interviewed in the blog interview chain, so here are the questions for them. For Asif: How many languages do you know? How did you learn so many languages? Tell us an amusing incident from your time in UET, Lahore. How and why did you decide to go to Germany? How… Continue reading Interview Questions

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Blog Interview Meme

This is a chain interviewing game for blogs. Here are its rules: Leave me a comment saying “interview me.” The first five commenters will be the participants. I will respond by asking you five questions. You will update your blog/site with the answers to the questions. You will include this explanation and an offer to… Continue reading Blog Interview Meme

Islamabad and Atlanta from Above

Asif brought Keyhole to my attention which lets you look at images of a lots of places in the world looking down from different elevations. The image resolutions vary, with the best resolution for Cambridge, MA (3 inches). A lot of countries do not have any real images at all. But it is still fascinating… Continue reading Islamabad and Atlanta from Above

Airport Security and Ottawa First Impressions

At the Atlanta airport, we tried to checkin on the e-ticket kiosk, but it demanded to scan our passports since we were going out of country. Our passports are not machine-readable, so we had to go to the airline counter. Strangely, the agent did not even look at our passports. Now this might not be… Continue reading Airport Security and Ottawa First Impressions