Firefox Sucks

Mozilla Firefox, while being a better browser than Internet Explorer, has a big problem. It hogs memory. It takes over all available memory and doesn’t return it to the OS until you close Firefox.

You heard me right: Mozilla Firefox sucks. I do understand that it is a better browser than Internet Explorer and has much better support of the W3C standards. But it has the fatal Windows flaw: Like Microsoft Windows, Firefox has to be shut down at least once a day.

I am using Firefox 1.0.2 on my Windows XP Professional laptop. I surf the net by opening lots of tabs in Firefox and then closing them one by one as I finish reading a tab. This almost always results in Firefox eating up most of my computer’s 512MB of RAM. As Windows starts paging everything to disk, the computer starts getting slower and slower. The only solution then is to close Firefox and start it again.

The reason for this problem seems to be memory leaks. What sort of software has memory leaks? Unfortunately, it seems the answer is most software, though Firefox is the biggest memory hog I have seen. This is like Toyota or General Motors making cars whose gas tanks leaked all the time.

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  1. I have tried firefox twice and then uninstalled it after remembering how slow and uncompatible with the things that I expect a browser to be able to do. eg BBC media player, msn spaces(can be expected)…

    Even though it is more sercure than IE there is no point having it as I have Internet security anyway.

    The only problem of IE is that it doesnt have tabbed browsing, but wait they are releasing IE7 soon so i get best of both worlds. 🙂

  2. In my opinion i think fiefox is just a simple program for the uber noob pc user who have experienced a good internet explorer disaster of viruses and spyware because they didnt know how to control the mess. Thats perfectly fine. go ahead and download the dam ff so you can be more secure. Ill stick with internet explorer even tho i have to fend of shit sometimes im alright with that. its fast, reliable and for tabbed browsing i got maxathon and myie2 or the world browser which use pretty much the ie settings. At least thats just me, I prefer not to use virus protection, firewall, or popup blocks and i like to see every flash and shockwave ad on the page without it being blocked or having error on page load that always pisses me.

  3. Lamezilla Mirefox sucks anyhow, it just rips off Opera and steals their ideas, much the same way Sony steals Nintendo’s ideas, hmm, could it be that all Firefox users are closet Sony Fanboys…?

  4. I agree Firefox sucks. This browser costs our company so many headaches.

    Whatever hype you read about it only about 5.9% in the US are actually using it. These 5.9% cause over 42% of our support issues on our network, all related to Firefox problems while browsing our sites.

    This browser misses all kinds of HTML formatting calls such that we have to “over design” webpages so that they will display and work properly for his 5.9% of our audience.

    It reminds me of Netscape. Strong start and then ends up as an office party joke. I will be glad when our 5.9% drops to 0.7% like netscape then I can spend my resources on more important things.

  5. there are so many firefox fanboys on this site, listen the only thing firefox has over IE7 is speed, the html scripting sucks (comon guys even scrouling marquees veticaly and fixed backgrounds dont work), firefox was made for a sole perpus to piss web builders off at least in IE everything works…

    Firefox is a masive waste of time if you want a browser for speed get opera if you want aa technical browser there is no better than IE7,

  6. When comparing it seems that most of you are forgetting about the main facts about browsers.

    They MUST comply with W3Org

    Firefox, in my opinion, is one of the best browsers at this. It ‘s also very scalable by using plugins.

    Internet Explorer, on the other hand, is not scalable, and it gives shit about te w3, so as a web developer I must say, I hate IE, it sucks, it makes me have to work twice, making internet apps an websites compatible with all browsers (w3 org standars) and compatible with buggy IE.

    For all of you who think that firefox leaks memory, it does, but in newer versions, it doesn’t so much.

    About the loading time, IE is always loaded, it’s just that you cannot see it, the process named “iexplore” is, in fact, explorer.exe . So think again about the memory leak, at least firefox does leak memory when you’re using it, but ie leak’s memory all the time.

    It’s been 2 years now since I began using Firefox, and have no complains about it.

    Honestly I cant talk about security issues, since I use linux. But when I used Windows Xp and IE I must say that had to “deviruse” my pc every 15 days.

    Also opening more than 2 or 3 websites was really anoying.
    And the downoad engine of IE has nothing to do with Firefox download engine.

    So IMHO if you’re still using IE, is because you like to suffer.

  7. Firefox does suck. Flash movies don’t sync the audio with the video as they do in IE. Also, it sucks up way too much memory for what it does..

    Firefox sucks and I’m sick of it.

  8. You could also try sizing down your pagefile, or just not complaining, and be happy that Microsoft Windows doesn’t start blocking apps it doesn’t want. 😉

  9. Agree. Firefox sucks big time.

    Everytime I design a webpage, I have to do it twice or even discard the original thoughts about it, because of this crappy crap.

    Hidden flash animations are shown as big white blobs, background image positioning don’t even work!!

    Almost forgot, Firefox counts textbox tabbing from inside out (from the text box) instead of shrinking the textbox for the tabbing to fit!! So what do you get for a tabbed textbox in a NO-SCROLLING (!) frame?! Text overflow and TWO SCROLLBARS!! WTF?!

    Simply pathetic…

  10. firefox is crap

    So in the middle of my packing for my upcoming move, I come back to my computer, and it is rebooting.  Well, needless to say, I did not tell it to reboot, and am therefor somewhat concerned that it is…

  11. It also doesn’t clean up after itself very well if it is unintalled, and updating to newer versions leaves artifacts in Add/Remove Programs.

    IE7 is nearly as standards compiant (Opera is the most compliant browser), and passes the same security tests as Firefox— popups, spoofing, weird javascript, etc. ActiveX is a concern only to those who blindly click Yes, and FF’s extensions can cause harm as well. IE7 is more stable. FF is prone to UI lockups, uses far too much memory, and pegs the CPU meter for too long in too many instances. FF’s page rendering and javascript processing is noticably faster that IE7, however.

  12. mozilla and firefox suck hardcore, i have seen it on 3 different computers, they make the internet slower, NOT faster, everyone tells me it’s faster, but it is NOT faster, it is slower. It will also like to erase your bookmarks and have lots of other bug wrong with it, explorer is much master and doesn’t have many bugs at all. The 3 different computers I have seen it on is my old computer that i’m using now 2-3 years old, a computer that came out one year ago, and a brand new computer, mozilla and firefox are crap, also if you download firefox your just taking up more freespace on your computer and internet, which means everything is going to work slower and thats just common sense!

  13. firefox sucks images load damn slow compared to opera, it has good features of bookmark and script support rest its no where close to ie 7 and opera it shuts down every second I have send thousand of feedback of errors why it shuts down no reply from firefox side.

    I am using version on xp it runs on hectic amount of ram and slows my pc. Then goes in no response mode.

    See my site there is an ad below the left login menu from adbrite its visible in opera, and ie not visible in firefox.

    Firefox sucks Firefox sucks Firefox sucks Firefox sucks Firefox sucks Firefox sucks

  14. So, firefox does suck. IE sucks too. Opera sucks and so do all the Internet browsers. But why? No developers in here? I write code all day long and I hate all the browsers.

    They all do stuff different ways. You have to pick a target browser and hack the rest so they all look and act the same.

    Then, there’s the adherence to XHTML. Why? Does any one know the difference to the user between XHTML and HTML 4.1? Answer: nope. The user looking at the page doesn’t give a flying shit about what either of the acronyms mean. All they want to do is have clear navigation to the shit they want to read. And, still more important, be able to read the shit they navigate to.

    Firefox, Mozilla, Opera and IE can stick it right up their asses! Boring browser wars. That’s dumb. Let all the world focus on helping each other and not out -doing each other and we’d all be better off!

  15. quit bitching.
    if bill gates gave you a million dollars.. i bet you’d complain that they weren’t sequential.
    quit bitching, being a cheapass- go buy more memory. its cheap

  16. Firefox may be ‘better’, ‘safer’, ‘faster’ or whatever; but if at the price of being always my most memory consumpt app, then it’s not worth it and those turn out to be obvious deceptions. The reality is that it’s still buggy and under a constant development nightmare of incompatibilities (even within previous versions); and it’s most definitely not ready for prime time; ie, it’s still a ‘leet’ app; made by developers for themselves. Most of it’s ‘usefulness’ just really gets in your way. Eg, I use version 2, and had to browse (for a couple of days) a ton full of shitty and useless pseudo-documentation, just to make a couple of easy, lousy JS buttons. Why on god’s earth do I need a separate developmental version for something so menial!? And better yet, why was this functionality not present either built-in or through an extension. Well, in all honestly, it was present, but disabled; and they were a couple of add-ons, but did not work. The worst is now I know that I have to get ready to upgrade them soon when V3 makes it’s way. Also, on a side-note, tabs sucks; I have never used one purposedly, and never will; ever. I just hate those abominable windowless illusions. Bottomline, Firefox sucks. I prefer K-meleon, but this came pre-installed on my warez… FireFox is just a Linucks fanatic’s pitch.

  17. Firefox is getting worse and worse. Now, it keeps my processor on 95 % of usage and also it takes around 10 seconds for the PC to open another program. When I close the Firefox everything comes to normal. Also, in the last 2 months I can’t change easily between tabs. Simply, tabs are blocked and sometimes it needs to load one page completely and then you can change tab. Its really frustrating and you’d better avoid using it.

  18. i never knew so many idiots could gather at one place.

    Posted by: mike (1 comments) at April 26, 2007 9:41 PM


    Looks like you showed up too, dumb phuq.

  19. Firefox rules, if you still says that firefox sucks probably because you are using an ancient computer, i suggest you stick with windows 98 as well.

  20. I only chose firefox years ago is because ie sucks. firefox wasnt that great, but it was better than ie. now firefox is getting worse and worse. it kept crashing occasionally . i am not a computer genius, in fact i am a computer dumbass, and i can still tell firefox is making my pc slow.

  21. I have a love hate relationship with FF. I use it to develop with but not much more. It is so slow and eats memory. With all of the bugs FF has, I can’t imagine where all of the hype come from. Sure, there are decent add ons but you need a mainframe computer to run it.

  22. Well it is Right that it eat lot of mem resources but i dont know any other browser yet that supprt AD BLOCKING Services without Third Party Proxies Plugin

  23. FireFox is all show and no go!. I can build any website I want with any advanced feature to display on IE. FireFox doesn’t support these features. Under the FireFox bonnet you’ll find a 1950 Morris Minor engine, under the IE bonnet there’s a Rolls Royce engine capable of doing anything I want. Unfortunately I have to code for users using FireFox so my websites function like websites back in 1995.

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