Honda Civic R.I.P.

Amber’s car was in the workshop since her accident. Now, we have found out that the frame of the car is damaged and our insurance is declaring the car a total loss. I am surprised since the airbags did not deploy. So I thought she was not going fast.

We bought the silver 1999 Honda Civic LX sedan in May 1999. It was the first reasonable car we bought (the other one being a very old and cheap car). It was also the first car Amber drove. It stayed in Atlanta for a month before we moved to New Jersey. Amber kept the car when I moved back to school and considered it as her baby. We have had some good trips in the northeast in this car (our cross-country trips have been in my car).

Now, it’s gone! It’s a big deal for Amber since this was her first car.

Since Amber does need a car for her commute and we are not in a position to buy another car at this point in time, I think I’ll leave mine with her at the end of the semester. I can make do without a car at school.

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  1. I am trying to teach my 35 years old friend to learn to drive. He never drove a car in his life. Its look like Amber learn to drive in the US too. Would you please give me some pointers on teaching one-on-one basis?

  2. Mariam: I haven’t taught anyone to drive, so I don’t have any pointers unfortunately. Amber did learn to drive in the US, but she took driving lessons.

  3. G35 or RX-8?

    Since our Honda Civic was totalled, we have had only one car. Now we are thinking of buying another. The car has to be a 4-seat sporty car since it must fit our daughter in her car seat…

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