North Georgia

Since Michelle has gotten a bit older, we have been trying to visit North Georgia for short to medium hikes on a fairly regular basis. Another reason to drive there is my G35 and the curvy roads. For example, we have driven the Snake Run (if that link isn’t working, try this) multiple times. It is a lot of fun.

Here are some photographs taken over the last few months.

These images are from De Soto Falls Trail.

De Soto Falls
De Soto Falls
De Soto Falls

Brasstown Bald is the highest peak in Georgia at 4,784 feet (1,458 m).

Michelle and me at the trailhead
View from the summit
Looking 500 ft down at the parking lot

Dukes Creek Falls Trail is close to Helen, GA.

Michelle, Amber and me
Dukes Creek
Dukes Creek Falls

Anna Ruby Falls are a set of double falls in the same area.

On the trail
Michelle and me
Double falls

Red Top Mountain State Park is not really a mountain or even a hill. But it is not too far from home and a good relaxing hike (an easy 5.5 miles) with views of Allatoona Lake.

Michelle and I at the trailhead
Allatoona Lake
Michelle hiking again

As the weather has been mild here recently, we might head north again one of these weekends.

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  1. Aisha:

    You’re a Georgian

    Atlantan to be more specific and to avoid confusion with these guys.

    Anna Ruby falls it looks lovely.

    Worth a visit, but the prettiest falls in Georgia are in Cloudland Canyon.

    Renee: Georgia has some nice places. I have been to the mountainous north a lot but still need to explore the coast. Might do it this spring.

  2. The coastal area sounds nice too. I’ve been wanting to go to Brunswick and that area… Love Tybee Island and that whole area too. I need to get Little Dude used to long trips before it’s too late…

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