Sideways is a movie about two friends who go on a wine-tasting trip before one of them is getting married.

The movie starts out a little boring, picks up a bit later but didn’t get very interesting over its length. The whole wine-tasting thing was interesting but I am ignorant about it and it just seemed a bit of a thin reed to build the movie around.

Overall, I would rate this movie 6 out of 10.

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By Zack

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  1. Back during 1977 while in Liege, Belgium, I saw a movie which was on tasting of wine by men of high class society and even telling the year of it’s manufacture. It appeared all goofish except some interesting scenes butted in here and there.

  2. You know I didn’t like this movie at all. Much too overrated. BUT there was a scene at the end that I can still remember today and it’s when I realized Paul Giamati (sp) was a great actor… when he sees his ex-wife/girlfriend and she is pregnant… and he realizes its over b/w the two of them… all he does is look at her but the subtleness of his face and all the expressions he evoked broke my heart. It still gives me a chill. That was about all I got out of the movie though. Perhaps you must appreciate wine to truly get it.

  3. Dad: That’s the thing with “Sideways” too. It is interesting in patches but overall the wine tasting doesn’t really do much for the film.

    Aisha: That scene was probably one of the few good scenes in the movie.

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