Amber had an accident yesterday. She’s ok, other than the seat belt bruises and stiffness in her neck and back. But her car is badly damaged and will be in the workshop for a while. I would really like to be with her right now but she is far away and I won’t see her… Continue reading Accident

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A Small Accident

I had a somewhat weird accident in my car a couple of days ago. A pedestrian hit my car. My losses: the driver’s side mirror. His losses: none. I was turning left on an intersection with a traffic signal at night. When I had almost completed my turn, something crashed into the front pillar of… Continue reading A Small Accident

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Lexus Concept Car

  Can you tell which side is the front?

Chevrolet SSR

Chevy SSR hybrid truck as seen at the Atlanta auto show…

Pontiac Solstice

Photos of the Pontiac Solstice…

Infiniti Triant

Infiniti Triant at the Atlanta auto show…

Dodge Magnum SRT-8

Interesting car…

Dodge Tomahawk

That’s a cool ride…

Chrysler Crossfire

Crossfire didn’t impress me…

Jeep Varsity

What can I say, it’s a Jeep…