Amber had an accident yesterday. She’s ok, other than the seat belt bruises and stiffness in her neck and back. But her car is badly damaged and will be in the workshop for a while.

I would really like to be with her right now but she is far away and I won’t see her until Friday.

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10 thoughts on “Accident”

  1. the same thing happened to my sister just a couple days ago. it’s so crazy when something like that happens to someone really close to you. plus, she’s totally nervous and paranoid driving ANYWHERE now. Insha’Allah, i hope Amber’ll be ok. =)

  2. yasmine: Hope your sister is ok.

    Amber’s definitely nervous. She liked to drive a lot but now she’s just driving to and from work in her rental car. Also, I was planning to drive home to Jersey at the end of July but now she’s pleading with me to fly instead.

  3. zack – i have been away from blogging for a while so i just saw this message….hope amber is doing better now… things like these can really shake you up!

  4. Thanks, Zachary, yasmine, Andrew and rabs.

    Amber is doing ok now except that she’s scared about driving anywhere except her short commute to work.

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