Patisserie Recommendations

It’s snowing here and all I can think of is some nice French pastry.

I am looking for some real good patisserie recommendations in New York city. Something to remind us of our trip to France last year.

POSTSCRIPT: I am looking for a patisserie, not a French restaurant with good dessert, preferably in Manhattan. Can any New York city bloggers help?

By Zack

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  1. It snowed here too yesterday in Murree, and rained here in Islamabad. So it’s gotten colder now.

  2. There’s Soutine on West 70th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam. One of New York’s hidden treasures (and right across from another hidden treasure, the Epices de Traiteur Moroccan restaurant).

  3. I’m doing Atkins and you had to ask this.

    Actually this is one area where (I think) Manhattan isn’t the pinnacle.

    There’s Jon Vie on 11th & 6th, unpretentious.

    Patisserie Bonte on 75th & 3rd—dunno if they are still open but a few years ago their customers sent a petition to the landlord to help keep them open. Cozy, as I remember. The baker used to be a White House chef. The real deal. Tell me if they are open.

  4. Sorry about that. I can tell you good places to find Italian pastry. I can refer you to my favorite cheap fishmonger in Chinatown. I can help you find Seville oranges. I can even tell you where to get good tamales and canned huitlacoche in Brooklyn. But when it comes to French pastry, I’m a complete washout. I’ve never really gotten into the stuff. I barely know who sells it, and I don’t know who does it well.

  5. Teresa: Thanks. I’ll probably ask you about one of these things you mentioned some time.

    Libre: Thanks, but I can’t find it. Do you have more info?

  6. It’s a deal.

    I don’t suppose you know of a better place to get nonstandard kinds of citrus than Dean & Deluca, Garden of Eden, and random bodegas in Spanish-speaking neighborhoods when Mexican sour oranges are in season? I keep thinking there’s got to be a place somewhere in this city that sells non-liturgical citrons, Buddha’s hand citrons, lavender gems, limequats, sweet limes, pineapple oranges, and all the other weird varieties…

  7. Teresa: I could claim ignorance since I am a fake Jerseyan (my wife lives here while I am going to school in Atlanta), but that doesn’t convey the breadth of my ignorance. I don’t even know half of those varieties of citrus you are talking about.

  8. noticed you said you can find seville oranges in new york city, i’ve been trying but can’t, any suggestions?

    thanks matt

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