The Disunited States of America

An alternate history novel about an America in which the union didn’t happen and states are independent.

This is another ebook from the promotion.

The Disunited States of America is an alternative history book which takes place in late 21st century where the articles of confederation fell apart and no US constitution was agreed. So the states stayed independent.

It is a book targeted to teens and adolescents, which in itself I didn’t find to be a problem. However, as a result of that, the author avoids any cursing by the characters. Even that I was okay with, except that the author actually mentions in the text that a character said something unmentionable. After a couple of such mentions, it just annoyed me.


A murder mystery set in an alternate history where Britain made peace with Nazi Germany and the US never entered the war, this is a good, fun novel.

Courtesy of Tor’s promotion of free ebooks, I got Farthing by Jo Walton, which was nominated for a Nebula as well as for Campbell award.

It is an alternate history novel in which Britain makes peace with Nazi Germany in World War II. It is a mystery about the murder of a politician who was instrumental in the peace negotiations with the Nazis.

It is a good, fast read with the murder mystery and the country house in the foreground but politics and the ramifications of the peace deal are also present. I finished it in a single reading session.