Paging Denver Readers

I’ll be in the Denver, CO area on June 17-18. If any readers want to meet me, please drop me an email (my email address is on the right sidebar) or leave a comment.

Also, I need suggestions on things to do in the area. I am thinking of going to Rocky Mountain National Park if possible.

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By Zack

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  1. I think I’m late, but RMNP is awesome. Also Sand Dunes National Park, Garden of the Gods, Royal Gorge…. there’s others around too. (I just moved from there…email if you want more info…) but I’m probably too late as you are already there. :-/

  2. Sister Soljah: Thanks.

    I am in South Denver right now, but the weather is pretty bad. Lots of rain here and snow in the mountains. If it gets better tomorrow, I’ll go to Rocky Mountain National Park. Otherwise, I’ll have to think up an alternate plan. Garden of the Gods or Royal Gorge might come in handy then.

  3. The Rain Curse

    Based on my stay here in Denver, this place is the wettest city in the US this side of Seattle. It’s been raining almost continuously since before my plane landed on wednesday afternoon. Not only has it rained, it has…

  4. Whats’up sister Souljah, Girl…. I just read your book “The Coldest Winter Ever.” and it was off the hook.
    My friend and I were discussing how it would be cool if you would have made a whole Movie over that book and have it shown in theaters, that would be awesome. My friend and I was also having a debate about celebrities and people off the streets that should be your characters from the Book, like Winter should be a hoodrat but beautiful and buisnnessminded but this character should be New and fresh off the streets of Brooklyn. We agreed how celebrity Tarrence Howard should take Winters dad Santiaga’s place….
    oh i am so excited at the fact of how powerful its made just in my mind but i have to go it’s thundering now(scarycat) but i’ll finish this letter off later.
    Peace and Love Souljah.

  5. Jealeah: I think you have got the wrong person. The author whose book who mentioned is Sister Souljah while the person who commented here is Sister Soljah.

  6. Hey sister soljah I own your book The Coldest Winter Ever, it is one of the best books I have ever read, it had everything! and i been hearing some talk about it being made into a movie?? That would be great!, i would go see it a 100 times and buy it as soon as it hit the stores. I think more people would be into your book it just needs some publisity if you know what i mean, so i think a movie would be great, because if you make a movie about a book, most of the details are left out, and some people want to know them details…more sales gurl! but i have passed it out to my friends and they said as soon as they were done reading it they was going to pick up a copy of their own!! but as for casting in this movie, now i bet you get this all the time and ideas for casting, because i mean your the writer, so you know what your visions of characters should be. But Winter, i was thinking someone with vivica A fox’s body but a diffrent face you know.. and someone like Lionel Richy for Papa Santiga, like when i was reading the book, thats who i got a vision of, Jada Pinket for Natalie, Will Smith could play bullet, i think you should play your self, as for your sister, im thinking someone like Dondre Whitfield to play slick kidd Anna Maria Horsford mama santiga well i got to go sister laterrr

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