Feudal Military

It is the usual story about a feudal landlord’s repression, killing, torture and expulsion of tenant farmers, something that probably has happened countless times in Punjab’s history. But there is a twist. The landlord in this case is the Pakistan army. The same army which is one of the biggest landlord as well as industrial… Continue reading Feudal Military

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Robots, Bourne, Sun and Windows

As Before Sunset ended, Amber exclaimed “that’s it?” It is a good movie about 2 people who meet after 9 years. The whole movie is basically those two talking with Paris in the background. It is a sequel to Before Sunrise which tells the story of those two characters meeting for the first time in… Continue reading Robots, Bourne, Sun and Windows

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Pakistan and Darfur

The humanitarian crisis in Darfur engendered by the Janjaweed militia and the Sudanese government has finally caught some international attention. While the US is threatening sanctions and France has moved troops to the Chad-Sudan border, Pakistan has responded with mealy-mouthed statements. Pakistan has called for renewed efforts to find a political solution to the Darfur… Continue reading Pakistan and Darfur

Breastfeeding Class

When we registered for the class at St Peters, we asked if it was for women only or for couples. Since the breastfeeding class was open to couples, we both attended it. However, when we got there, I wondered what I was doing there. There were only 3 of us guys while there were 13… Continue reading Breastfeeding Class

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Personality Quiz

Here are my results for the 20 Questions to a Better Personality Quiz. I think it’s all wrong, but it’s fun. Wackiness: 24/100 Rationality: 58/100 Constructiveness: 66/100 Leadership: 38/100 You are an SRCF—Sober Rational Constructive Follower. This makes you a White House staffer. You are a tremendous asset to any employer, cool under pressure, productive,… Continue reading Personality Quiz