Chinatown is a film noir thriller by Roman Polanski about power, murder and intrigue in 1930s Los Angeles.

Jack Nicholson plays the main role of a private detective hired by a woman to spy on her husband who she believes to be having an affair. Things start spiraling out of control when the husband is murdered. And Nicholson is drawn into the mystery.

I am not too fond of the acting of Jack Nicholson, but he does a very good job here.

It is a very good crime movie, even though I have almost no clue as to why it is titled “Chinatown.”

I rate it 8/10.

By Zack

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  1. Had Greek Polanski directed, it might have been titled Japantown, given the latitudinal increment.

  2. I had to watch this movie so many times for film classes. It is considered “THE screenplay”. I think it’s called Chinatown because at the end of the movie, they pull up in Chinatown. I assumed the house was near there… I sorta forget now but i know the movie ends in chinatown…

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