Weeks 11–19

Will my child be bald? In weeks 14th—17th the fetus grows hair. I was very upset that time ‘cause it looked like I was going to get laid off. So Zack kept telling me that due to all that worry, we will have a bald child as the fetus will lose all his/her hair. So… Continue reading Weeks 11–19

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I am going on a semi-hiatus. What that means is that I’ll still be posting but more irregularly. I am trying to get Amber and Captain Arrrgh to write more regularly. Let’s see how that works out. I have got to work on my thesis. Plus I had some surgery done yesterday and am a… Continue reading Semi-Hiatus

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The Jingoists Have Won

I have been hopping mad since yesterday. Somehow I waded into the warbloggers’ world and found everyone berating the Spanish for letting the terrorists win. I disagree. The terrorists did win. But not on sunday. They won on thursday when they killed 200 people. On sunday, the Socialist party won. I don’t understand what the… Continue reading The Jingoists Have Won

Spring Break Movies

When one’s pregnant and not feeling well, there’s not much one can do outdoors. So no camping trips or long drives for us this spring break. We stayed home and watched a lot of movies. For the ones we watched in theater, I am not sure Amber enjoyed them since she went to the restroom… Continue reading Spring Break Movies

I am an American Now

I guess I can claim to be a real American now since I have got that quintessential American trait: monolingualism. Just kidding. But my language skills are getting worse. Especially in my native language, Urdu. I hadn’t written anything (yes, I mean anything) in Urdu since my college years, now more than a decade in… Continue reading I am an American Now

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Magic Third Party

I had planned on ignoring Nader this year, but HijabMan has compelled me to write. What I’m puzzled by, is what I see as ‘short term’ thought. Sticking with the current two party system, shuffling between two parties that obviously aren’t in it for the human-interest. So why “anyone but Bush?” and why not “Let’s… Continue reading Magic Third Party

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Libertarian Purity

Via Brian’s Study Breaks, I scored 14 out of 160 on the Libertarian Purity Test. It seems not only am I unlikely to vote for the Libertarian party, I am in danger of being delinked by Unqualified Offerings. Deltoid has a list of blogger scores on this test.

Vote to Heaven

Via the Head Heeb comes this report of God focussing attention on the Malaysian elections since the football (American) season is over. Is God a swinging voter in this month’s Malaysian elections? An unholy row has broken out between the ruling coalition and the Islamist opposition over which side the Prophet Mohammed will be barracking… Continue reading Vote to Heaven

More about Urdu Blogging

Sorry about another process post, but there were a few issues that I didn’t get to in my last post about Urdu blogging. Win 98 issues With a default installation of Windows 98 and Internet Explorer 6.0, you cannot see some of the Urdu characters on this weblog. It seems that Tahoma version 2.3 which… Continue reading More about Urdu Blogging

This is Unacceptable

Do you think I should delink Max over this libelous post? Here’s the news story he’s talking about. You can take the test yourself here.