Nauroz Mubarak

سال نو مبارک

Happy Persian New Year to Kianoush and my Iranian readers.

Are you guys in the 14th century still?

PS. Kianoush, when are we going for dinner at a Persian restaurant to celebrate the new year? I love Persian food.

By Zack

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  1. Thanks Zack,
    It is fun to live in medieval ages (1383) as well!
    I celebrated the new year in one of my friend’s place; since this year the roll-over was at 1:48AM on Saturday, we had a real party!
    But Persian resturant is something different…

  2. Happy persian year to all of persians and non-persians as well, wesey which year do they have? :$
    Okay, actually i came here to show you the screenshot of urdu rendering in Safari 1.2 and it looks better than in IE6. Here is the link: Thanks to dan sab for the service. Should get some other testing on other machines as soon as I get to see my friend, who has all sort of these machines.

  3. زک عزیز سلام
    ممنون بابت تبریک سال نو به همه ایرانیان. این را فارسی می نویسم تا کیانوش برایت بخواند. هوای هم وطن ما را داشته باش. 🙂
    خوش باشید

  4. off-topic, but is the on-going indo-pak series being beamed into american homes ?

  5. Kianoush: So the rollover is exactly at the spring equinox. Interesting.

    Ejaz: Persian calendar is counted from hijra, the migration of Muhammad to Medina. Since the calendar is solar so they are at 1383 instead of 1405 AH (which is lunar).

    Thanks for that screen capture in Safari. Was that just the default installation or did you have to install any fonts or language packs etc.?

    amir: Thanks for your comment. I understood half of your comment but had to get some help for the rest.

    Moiz: No doubt about that.

    rhinopothecus: Not that I know of.

  6. No extra fonts or language pack was installed before taking this screenshot taken. And man, its much better than in IE6, isn’t it?

  7. Ejaz: That’s good.

    It does look better than IE6 though the dashes at the end of sentences could be done better.

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